I’m Making A Career Transition — How Do I Navigate Change?!?!

Navigate Change How do you navigate change from college to career? After all, school is vastly different from work. The way people talk, and their interest is vastly different. Even if you end up in the field you went to college to major in, there will still be a lot of things you need to manage. There are a few things you can do to navigate this change. 1. Small Steps Most fresh graduates want to conquer the world. And … Continued

5 Ways to Make Your Resume Rise to the Top of the Heap

  Writing a resume is a ritual that everyone has to perform. High school students write resumes looking for part-time work or for college applications. College students write resumes for internships or after-college jobs.   Lawyers craft their resumes during and after law school and accountants and finance professionals construct their resumes after college, grad school, or an MBA program.  Moreover, those in the job force write resumes for changing jobs or careers. No matter where you are in the process … Continued

I Want To Advance — How Do I Move Up In My Office?!?!

How To Move Up The Corporate Ladder Many expect to read short cuts when they search for tips on how to move up the corporate ladder. The fact is clear, there are no short cuts no matter how much one wants to believe in it. It is all too easy to think that the way up the corporate ladder is through connections and networking. There is no denying there are the lucky few who know how to move up the corporate ladder via short … Continued

How Law Firms Can Go Green

  For years, law firms have been reducing their carbon footprints by implementing green initiatives. More and more companies are focused on the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. Not only is it beneficial to the environment, but also it reduces operating costs and positively impacts reputation and employee morale. Social responsibility has become an important part of companies including law firms. Clients want to see businesses that care about their communities and the environment. Becoming a green firm … Continued