Law Firm Associate Professional Development Programs: Best Practices and Features

  “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.” Goethe “Outstanding firms are consistently able to identify, attract and retain star performers; to get stars committed to their firm’s strategy, to manage stars across geographic distance, business lines and generations; to govern and lead so that both the organization and its stars prosper and feel rewarded.” – Jay W. Lorsch, Thomas J. Tierney   Typically, … Continued

I’m Want To Be A Success At My New Job — How?!?!

Achieve Career Success with 5Ds You would probably ask, is it possible to achieve career success with 5Ds? Yes, it is possible. These 5Ds I am referring to stands for Dependability, Determination, Delight, Detailed and Devoted. Not only will they increase your chances of achieving career success, they will also increase your motivation at work. Throughout my working experience, I have had the chance of observing bosses, colleagues and staff members perform their tasks. And I noticed a pattern that … Continued

Help!! I Don’t Know What My Colleagues Think Of Me!?!?

Did You Define Your Attitude at Work? The most important thing to do as you begin your new career is to define your attitude towards work. How will it contribute towards your career? How will it add value to your role as a career builder? How do you define attitude? According to The Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English – attitude is defined as “a way of looking at life; a way of thinking, feeling or behaving.” Therefore an attitude is not just the way we … Continued

How Do You Prep for Your Accounting Industry Interview: What Industry and Organization Intelligence Do You Need to Gather?

  Researching before any interview is a must. By being prepared, you can showcase whether your personality, values, and skill sets can fit with those of the industry and organization that you are applying to join. Additionally, the interviewer will be impressed by the data you have assembled. He or she will see your clear passion for the work you want to do and will want to know more about you. Most importantly, the information that you will learn prior … Continued

I’m Looking For Something Different! How Do I Find A Perfect Job?

How to Find Your Dream Career! Before we begin let’s just agree on one thing. There are no quick answers to how to find your dream career. Finding your dream career is a process. How lengthy this process is depends on how sincere you are with yourself. It also depends on how much you are willing to sacrifice in pursuit of your dream career. I have spent many hours counseling many career newbies on this very topic. On occasions, with … Continued