I Just Got Laid Off — Now What Do I Do?

Laid Off: Now What? You’ve just lost your job. What do you do next? Here are the first steps to take to get grounded while you prepare to hunt for a new position. First get clear about your finances. What are your savings? Are your expenses in line with your family income? Do a budget and get creative about lowering your monthly expenses – right away. According to AARP, job searchers over 50 are taking one to two months longer … Continued

5 Pros and Cons of a Career in Law

  If you’re considering law school, you’re taking the initial step toward a potentially rewarding career in the legal profession.  A legal education can be one of the most challenging and fulfilling endeavors an individual will pursue in their lifetime. However, becoming a lawyer is NOT for everyone.  Below are five pros and five cons of a law career that every college student needs to know before they choose their career path: Pros of a career in law: #1—Prestige The … Continued

I Have So Much To Say When Interviewing, How Do I Remember To Listen?

Listening Goes A Long Way in the Job Hunt Much of the time when we think about looking for a job, we think about those situations that require good conversational skills, such as interviews or networking encounters. As a result, job seekers spend a lot of time formulating and practicing effective answers and conversation starters and, of course, crafting a succinct yet powerful 30-second “elevator pitch.” (At least, that’s what career experts hope job seekers do.) Many say that speaking … Continued

5 Criteria for Choosing Where to Start Your Accounting Career

Another graduating season is upon us, which means many new accountants are starting their careers.  The first step in this endeavor is choosing an accounting firm, which can be confusing. To help dispel such confusion, below are five criteria for choosing in which type of accounting firm or where to start your career: #1—Public vs. private firms What’s the difference between the two?  The primary difference is that in private accounting, you’re working with one specific company.  In public accounting, … Continued