What Do You Do If A Potential Employer Asks for Your Social Media Passwords?

It is no secret that your passwords to your personal social accounts are supposed to remain, well, a secret. So naturally, when someone asks you for that information—and an employer, nonetheless—you may feel incredibly uncomfortable. You may even be stunned by such boldness. Are they really allowed to do that, you may wonder? Well, in 2013, the CISPA (or the “Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act”), which would have forbidden the federal government or employers from requesting social media passwords … Continued

Should You Be Working Harder To Get Ahead?

Why You Should Forget Working Hard or Smart If given the choice, would you choose to work hard or to work smart? Provided you’re not a masochist, you would probably choose to work smart. In our culture, that’s a common bit of advice, and most people see the wisdom. But, what if “hard” and “smart” aren’t the only ways to work? What if working these ways isn’t the most likely path to success? Rather than working hard or smart, we … Continued

I Think I Deserve A Raise. How Do I Approach My Boss?

Asking For (And Getting) A Salary Increase In Down Economic Times Should you ask for a raise during bad economic times? The answer is yes, but only if you deserve a raise and you’ve developed a carefully thought-through strategy. Even in bad times, asking for more money likely can tell you where you stand within your company and what the future might hold. Abby is a CPA in Kansas City working for an auto parts company. Her work is demanding, … Continued

I’m Scared To Introduce Myself!! How Do I Network?

5 Keys to Successful Networking Originally published at http://www.beyond.com/articles/5-keys-to-successful-networking-11142-article.html. Recently, I moved to a small town, several hours away from my friends and family. I brought along my daughter, my boyfriend, and boxes filled with hopes and aspirations. Since I had been living in a large metro area for many years, I wasn’t quite prepared for the slower pace of this small water town. I didn’t know anyone, and it seemed that the only way to get things done around here … Continued

Are You Seeking A New Position? Here’s How To Review The Job Ad!!

5 Job Listing Red Flags That Can Save You Time Originally published at http://www.beyond.com/articles/5-job-listing-red-flags-that-can-save-you-time-11366-article.html. If you’ve been looking for a job for some time, you’ve probably already seen and applied for job listings that ended up being either a scam or a recruiter for some type of pyramid scheme. Just to be clear, I’m not saying that all of those opportunities are fraudulent, but when you’re looking for a full time position, responding to these types of ads are a … Continued

Let Your Next Job Come to You Through Social Media: Building Your Online Presence

First impressions are everything. Whether you are attending a networking event or preparing for an interview, you most likely spend a fair amount of time grooming yourself to look your very best – both physically and mentally. The same is true on-line!  When it comes to creating a virtual persona, you need to put your best foot forward as well.  However, all the nuances of body language are unavailable to you in a picture or post through social media. Instead, … Continued