I’d Like To Work From Home. How Do I Do It?

Five Ways to Make Your Job More Flexible If you’re like a lot of professionals, you start your career with a roar right out of college, full of energy and willing to put work first. But after several years — and perhaps several different jobs, or promotions, or career changes — your priorities shift. How does one strike an increasingly important balance between work life and personal life? Workplace flexibility, whether in your current position or a new one, is … Continued

Q&A: My Partner’s Employer is Moving Us Across the Country! How do I Find an Associate Position in a City where I Don’t Know Anyone?

Scenario:  You are settling into associate life at your law firm and you are just getting some traction – partners are beginning to come to you with projects, and you are becoming a “go-to” associate . . . .  Just as you are developing a solid reputation of being a heavy-hitter in your current law firm, you are faced with an unexpected challenge – your fiancé tells you his/her employer is moving him/her across the country in three months!  Although … Continued

Have an Interview? What Does The Firm Culture Reveal?

The Age of the Office Culture When interviewing for a new job these days, you should expect to be assessed just as much on how well you fit in with an organization’s culture as on your qualifications and experience. Of course, the shoe also is on the other foot: if you knew the “culture” of the organization, would you still want to work there? To that end, here’s a handy (and hopefully humorous) guide to help you identify the different … Continued

I’m Leaving My Current Position, What Do I Say In My Exit Interview?

Leave On Good Terms: Save Regret The exit interview is not a time to burn bridges with your old company. It has become a very common ritual throughout corporate America, and the idea behind it is to find out from departing staff members, when they no longer have to worry about protecting jobs, exactly what things at the company can be improved upon. The interview is deigned to be a tool for making a company more efficient and a better … Continued

I Just Had An Interview. Did It Go Well? How Do I Judge?

5 Ways To Tell If Your Interview Went Well Originally published at http://www.beyond.com/articles/5-ways-to-tell-if-your-interview-went-well-11626-article.html. So, how can you know if your interview was successful? Being offered a job is the best indicator, but there are a few other things that can give you clues. Here are 5 things to look for: You get a clear timeframe. If a recruiter gives you a firm answer about when you’ll hear back, it’s usually a good sign. Of course, sometimes a company will have a … Continued

5 Tips To Prepare for a Possible Job Loss

As the economy begins to recover, is your organization still struggling?  Is there employee gossip that a reduction-in-force (“RIF”), a downsizing, a layoff may be on the horizon?  These rumors create employee anxiety, stress, and worry.  If you find yourself in this situation, where you are worried about your future with the company, the five tips below can help you manage your financial situation: Examine your monthly budget. Is your spending out of control? Do you feel like you are … Continued