Four Easy Ways LinkedIn Can Improve Your Job Search

  How can LinkedIn assist in your job search?  There are a number of different ways that LinkedIn can be a crucial part of your new career position.  Found below are four easy ways that LinkedIn can help you on your search for your perfect position! Improve Your Networking: Networking accounts for 80% of mid-to-senior level job offers. LinkedIn was created specifically so you can expand your network. Not only does it allow you to search for companies, but also … Continued

Job Outlook: Legal and Financial Industries Experienced Highest Gains

   As a result of the recession in 2008-2010, U.S. jobs were lost, unemployment rates rose, and businesses made budget cuts. However, with the passage of some time, now in 2013, the economy and job market have recovered.  Although the economy is by no means close to pre-recession numbers, there is hope!  In May, 175,000 jobs were added, according to the Department of Labor. Further, there is more good news – the jobless rates for positions in accounting, finance, and law … Continued

Ten Things to Consider Before Making Your Next Career Move

  Today’s career environment is constantly changing and so are you. Whether you are having a mid-life career crisis, crave more excitement in your daily work, or want more advancement opportunities, you may be considering a career move. Job dissatisfaction, work conflicts, lack of challenges, job-related stress, or job insecurity are all reasons people consider making a career change. Changing jobs within your profession or changing careers can be exhilarating yet terrifying.  Going outside your comfort zone could lead to a … Continued

I’m Interviewing and Don’t know What to Stay When the Interviewer Asks If I Have Questions

Want The Job?  Don’t Ask These Questions! You probably heard that interviewers like it when their applicants ask thoughtful questions and that such eagerness to learn more about the position and the company can work in your favor. While a good question can certainly make you more memorable to an interviewer, it is important to understand that there may be some questions you don’t want to ask when the interviewer comes to the “Is there anything you want to know … Continued