I Think I Blew The Big Interview!! 

How To Keep Motivated In Your Job Search After A Bad Job Interview Everything that could have gone wrong did, or so, at least, you think so – You spoke too soon, too late, your answer to every question felt forced and vague, and you stammered through the whole ordeal. There is no way that you are going to get that job, you admonish yourself. In fact, if that performance is at all indicative of my skills and capabilities, how … Continued

10 Tips for Achieving Resume Success!!

You’ve probably asked yourself, “How do I make the perfect resume so that employers notice me?” Well, making the perfect resume is a myth, because nothing is perfect.  However, there are things that you can do to bring your resume closer to perfection. Below are 10 tips for achieving not perfection, but resume success: #1—Check spelling and grammar. Proofread.  And proofread again.  Yes, spelling and grammar seem quite elementary, but you won’t believe how many people make these mistakes in … Continued

10 Reasons Why Working with a Recruiter Is Right for You

  If your job search becomes frustrating, then working with a recruiter might just be the solution to your problem. Recruiters have extensive experience matching a candidate’s skills and background with an employer’s need.  They have connections with various companies in the industry and work with both job seekers and employers. Below are 10 reasons why working with a recruiter might be right for you: #1—Recruiters do not charge the job seeker. Yes, it’s free!  The recruiter is working with … Continued

8 Phrases to Eliminate From Your Work Vocabulary

We all have certain fallback phrases we use at work. But some of them can be seriously annoying to co-workers and alarming to managers. Here are eight phrases you might use at work without much thought – but are worth removing from your office vocabulary. 1. “Are you busy?” This one is likely to make your conscientious co-workers cringe. Few people want to say, “Nope, just browsing some celebrity gossip.” And someone who is busy may still be available for … Continued