The State of the Legal Job Market

As with much of the job market in the United States, the legal area continues to struggle. Fewer and fewer potential students are applying to US law schools, reaching the lowest total participating students since 1977, marking a 10% drop since 2010. The number of graduating students has yet to dip, indicating that the legal field is still going forward and feels the resistance many areas must face in the current economy. The legal field is a huge impact on … Continued

I Think I Want To Be A Law Firm Partner . . .

Women Law Firm Associates: How To Manage Your Career to Partnership! While there is certainly still progress to be made—with gender pay gaps and barriers to promotion—women generally have come a long way in the practice of law, according to the National Association of Women Lawyer’s “Report of the Eight Annual NAWL National Survey of Law Firms”. In this article, we look at some ways that women can further their success and manage a career to partnership with power and … Continued

How Do Law Firm Fellowships Work?

How Do Law Firm Fellowships Work? Over the past several years, the legal market has not exactly been bustling with fortune for recent law school graduates. With the dismal outlook in mind, some hopeful, aspiring attorneys have turned to launching their own law practices. However, this venture can prove to be daunting in and of itself, especially in markets glutted with recent graduates. The competition tends to be brutal, in some cases just as much so as seeking out a … Continued

8 Tips for Using a Recruiting Firm to Jump-Start Your Job Search

  Recruiting and search firms can be beneficial during your job search if you know how they operate and what you can do to maximize their resources. These firms are companies that specialize in recruiting personnel for employers in many different industries.  They typically have a high range of contacts within those industries, as well as detailed, specialized knowledge of a particular field. Recruiting firms help ensure that candidates fit all of the requirements for an open position and are … Continued