How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out!

LinkedIn is the premiere website for connecting with employers, recruiters and other professionals. Having a LinkedIn profile will definitely provide you with an advantage over your competition. How, you may ask? Most employers review LinkedIn and other social media to review candidates under consideration. With employers using LinkedIn as a source of information in recruiting, having a robust profile will heavily increase your chances in being viewed more positively over a candidate without a profile. So now you understand the … Continued

How to Write Your Best Cover Letter!

Cover Letters – How Do You Get the Most Out of Them? Are you applying for another job? If you are, do you dread sitting down to write a cover letter, believing the whole process to be yet another hoop you must jump through in pursuit of a fulfilling career?  If so, know that writing a cover letter is not in vain.  An effectively written cover letter can reveal details about your drive, skills, experience, and, in some cases, put … Continued

Want The Job? Don’t Ask These Questions!

Want The Job?  Don’t Ask These Questions! You have probably heard that interviewers like it when their applicants ask thoughtful questions and that such eagerness to learn more about the position and the company can work in your favor. While a good question can certainly make you more memorable to an interviewer, it is important to understand that there may be such things as “dumb” questions when it comes to the “Is there anything you want to know from me?” … Continued

Finding Your Bliss . . . Or, How an Economics Quant Can Become a Writer

  By Jeffrey Gu, Guest Blogger, Regular College Student Introduction I’m a regular college student. One of those hard-working young adults who will study diligently all day and night just to ace that differential equations midterm.  I might not ace the midterm, of course, but, with my effort, I’d receive a pretty decent grade. And I’d be happy. But now that I’ve come to the end of my college career, I can for the first time see clearly what is … Continued