Family Law

Family Law What is Family Law? As humans, we have the innate need to control our own lives.  We make plans to assure ourselves that chaos will not interrupt us.  Go to school, start a career, fall in love, adopt pets, have children, and retire and grow old. However, sometimes chaos prevails. Approximately 40-50% of marriages end in divorce. Many families may face infertility while same-sex couples may struggle to adopt.  All of these issues, which, in some way or … Continued

5 Reasons Why You May Be Sabotaging Your Job Interviews

  No matter your age, your experience, or your confidence – the potential to sabotage a job interview exists for everyone. You are selling yourself during the process, beginning with the words you choose to describe your background to salary negotiation. You are constantly revealing information about yourself; painting a picture of your character with words. What you say matters! Unfortunately, there are words so many people use during job interviews that do more harm than good. Here are five … Continued

Think You Might Be Underqualified? Prove You Are NOT and Get The Job!

Think You Might Be Underqualified?  Prove You Are NOT and Get The Job! Sometimes you come across an advertisement for a position that seems like it would suit you perfectly.  As you review it, you know that you have some skills that could be useful, but, you also realize that you may not be completely qualified for the position.  Maybe it asks for some experience that you do not have, or at least not in the quantity asked for or … Continued

Private Equity Firm Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them)

Private Equity Firm Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them Although the interview procedure in all private equity firms fluctuates by firm, all candidates will take part in a “fit” meeting. During this process, you will be asked questions about your experience and the interviewer will review your credentials and experience to check whether you are a decent match for the firm. A few firms likewise request that hopefuls finish a paper LBO or stroll through a contextual investigation. Junior … Continued

Struggling to Remember People’s Names? — Here’s One Simple Way to Make Sure it Never Happens Again

  How many times have you found yourself standing face-to-face with someone you have met before, but you can’t remember their name? The fast-paced digital world we live in bombards us with so much information, it’s no wonder we can’t remember all the bits and bytes and names that cross our desks each day. Still, even with our brains in constant overdrive, there is no excuse for forgetting the name of someone you should know. One of the best ways … Continued