Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch — How to Make the Answer to “What Do You Do?” More Memorable

Regardless of your employment status, you always want to have your elevator pitch ready to go. It is a short statement of what you would say to someone about yourself during a 5 minute cursory conversation. “So, tell me, what do you do?” Truth be told, many lawyers hate answering this question. So often, the responses are predictable and boring. Unfortunately, usually uninspiring answers leave listeners feeling, well, uninspired. Poor answers can also have the catastrophic potential to turn a … Continued

The Bravest Interview Question

The Bravest Interview Question Do you have an interview?  Or, have you ever been on an interview?  If you do and if you have, you know that, during the interview, there comes a time when the interviewer asks you if you have any questions.  You know when that time comes you need to have great questions prepared!  Not only do your interview questions have to demonstrate that you are eager and enthusiastic about joining a new company, but they also … Continued

How to Create Your Best Cover Letter!

How to Create Your Best Cover Letter! Cover letters can be challenging to write, especially when you know that your letter will affect how potential employers view you.  But, writing a good cover letter goes beyond being grammatically correct and listing important information; you want your letter to be so memorable that employers feel compelled to return to it once they have exhausted the pile of applicants.  Although starting your letter may be difficult, here, we will examine methods for … Continued

Managing Your Fear of Rejection In Your Job Search

Rejection is one of the biggest fears circulating in the legal field. We all hate it – and that’s perfectly natural. But it’s not okay to be afraid of rejection; so much so that it paralyzes you. Interpretations Gone Awry One of the most common misconceptions about fear is the assumption that rejection has happened before it actually has. It’s bad enough to fear rejection, but it’s even worse to interpret rejection when there is none. Example: You move mountains … Continued