Want to be a Consultant? Which Type of Consulting is for You?

Consulting has been a dream career for many college and business school graduates.  However, few students actually know what consulting is about and what a career in consulting would be like.  As a result, we thought that everyone could use a little additional information about what consulting is like and what life would be like as a junior consultant In general, consulting firms have different target markets and different business segments.  Generally speaking, consulting services can be divided into the … Continued

Ramping Up Your End of Year Job Search!

Ramping Up Your End of Year Job Search!  What You Should Be Doing Now to Land Your Next Position! Are you trying to convince yourself that you need a break from the job search since the holidays are coming up? Well, you shouldn’t, because that is exactly what your competition will be doing.  After all, we have been trained to wait until after the holidays and then start the job search cycle over again in the New Year. Waiting after … Continued

5 Ways to Beat the ATS In Your Job Search

A few years ago, the magazine CIO published an article explaining how almost 70% of resumes submitted by job seekers are never even seen by human eyes. Why is that?  Because most companies, now seeking to deal with a large number of applicants, employ an applicant tracking system (ATS) to organize, sort, and select resumes. Applicant tracking systems use semantic technology, which counts keywords in a resume and decides whether or not the candidate is suitable for the position.  However, … Continued

Win the War for Top Finance Talent

How Your Firm Should Work with a Recruiter to Find Top Finance Talent It can be quite difficult to find top talent in the accounting and finance world. The best passive candidates are generally happy about where they are, and they know they can get tons of job offers the second they decide to try something else. So how do you find and successfully recruit these types of candidates? One way is with the help of an experienced accounting and … Continued