Associate Professional Development Programs In Large Law Firms: 5 Features The Best Programs Have

5 Features The Best Programs Have Most law firms are now taking more the initiative to bolster and add more features to their professional development programs.  These programs are in place to develop young associates into attorneys who can be law firm partners.  In the past, the term “law firm professional development” meant briefly providing orientation training to new lawyers so they can possess the necessary legal skills to survive in a firm. Now, however, no longer are these programs … Continued

2015-16 Forecast: Legal Hiring Trends

2015-16 Forecast:  Legal Hiring Trends As we approach the 4th Quarter 2015, changes are afoot in the global economy.  And, like other markets, the legal market, is not stagnant. It changes in response to a variety of factors: the global economy, employer demands, client economic health, job seekers’ credentials, and expectations, and beyond.  Most recently, with the economy, these trends and changes have affected hiring in the legal market. Although we do not have a crystal ball, against this general … Continued

Law School Graduate Employment Rates – Up or Down?

What Was the Trend in 2014? What Does The Trend Hold for 2015?   Postgraduate life is one full of stressful exploration. Recent graduates feel the unspoken pressure to secure a long-term job position. Law school grads are no different – they feel the same weight to find a job as all grads.  Just like grads in other industries, the legal market was definitely affected by the earlier economic recession.  As a result, grads in the legal industry find the … Continued

Have a Phone Screen Interview? How to Nail It!

Phone interviews can be deceptive. On one hand, you may scoff at how simple it is to schedule a call for a time that is best for your schedule, how you can conduct it in the comfort of your own office or home. Not to mention, you do not have to spend precious prep time trying to arrive promptly at an interview site, well-groomed and ready to sit before a stranger in hope of making a winning impression. But, while … Continued

Selling Yourself: Talk a Little, Say a Lot

How To Sell Yourself In a Job Interview! The idea of talking about yourself and your experience during a job interview can turn even the most competent of people into neurotic messes. It’s common to fear that you will come off as a braggart. In truth, however, a potential employer wants you to sell yourself; wants to hear why you can be an asset to the company or firm. It’s all in the attitude. It’s all about attitude. Your attitude. … Continued