Law Students: How to Create a Plan If You’re Jobless After OCI

Law Students:  How to Create a Plan If You’re Jobless After OCI Your law school on-campus interviewing program (“OCI”) is coming to a close. As you watch your colleagues secure employment at reputable law firms for the summer of 2016, you have come to terms with the reality that you have walked away empty-handed. Fortunately, you should not panic, as not all hope is lost. While you might be under a lot of pressure to win the prestige game, especially … Continued

2015-16 Forecast: Hiring and Salary Trends for Finance/Accounting

  As the 4th Quarter approaches, in the remainder of 2015 and as 2016 begins, the global economy is expected to grow, and there should be continued transformation and promise for the accounting and finance fields. Changes in the global market structure have increased the need for accounting and finance professionals.  And, as a result, the need for strong talent has caused industry salaries to go up.[1]  Indeed, in 2015, accounting and finance salaries have increased approximately 3.5% in relation … Continued

Is Revenue Increasing at AmLaw 100 Law Firms?

Is Revenue Increasing at AmLaw 100 Law Firms? Although the economy seems to be thriving, everyone in BigLaw still wonders: are the biggest law firms actually prospering? After all, 2014 was an impactful year for AmLaw 100 law firms. To recount, law firm mergers were active.  In particular, the mergers between Locke Lord and Edward Wildman Palmer, and Squire Sanders and Patton Boggs caught some serious attention. Further, Bingham McCutchen merged into Morgan Lewis, which, before its merger, was one … Continued

Labor (Management-Side) Law

Labor (Management-Side) Law What is Labor (Management-Side) Law? Labor law is the legal practice area which defines the relationship between employer and employees and employers and employees’ rights and responsibilities at a federal, state and local level.  Issues in this area often involve union and traditional labor law, worker’s compensation, fair labor standard, occupational and workplace safety, wages and hour law, employee benefits, and other related areas. What does a Management-Side Labor Law Attorney do? Collective Bargaining Collective bargaining is … Continued

Trending Now: Law Firm Diversity Rankings – What Do the Numbers Mean?

Law Firm Diversity Rankings – What Do the Numbers Mean? For a variety of reasons, workplace diversity is increasingly important in the American workplace. Workplace diversity is important to corporations because they benefit in many ways from having employees with differing backgrounds and perspectives – diversity brings value and increases the bottom line. Yet, even though workplace diversity is important across all industries, the legal profession struggles with increasing diversity in its own ranks.  According to the United States Department … Continued

Trending Now: Legal Industry Jobs Update – September 2015

Legal Industry Jobs Update – September 2015 Good news!  Jobs in legal sector increased in September, helping the industry further recover from a down economy.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the legal industry added 4,700 jobs, helping attorneys and other legal professionals gain a strong hold in this economy.  Anecdotally, according to leading legal industry experts, legal positions increased because of an uptick in deal flow. *  *  * Are you an attorney or legal assistant looking … Continued

Labor (Union-Side) Law

Labor (Union-Side) Law What is Labor (Union-Side) Law? Labor law covers the relationships between employees, unions, and employers.   Further, labor laws permit employees and employers to participate in activities, like strikes and lockouts to improve the employer-employee relationship.  More specifically, a labor union will help employees fight for better wages and working conditions.  This would include, but not limited to, health and safety, employee rights, hours, holiday and paid sick leave, no-strike, and no-lockout clauses, and discipline and discharge of … Continued

Trending Now: Law Firm Rankings

What Do The Rankings Mean and Do They Help? Law firm rankings are everywhere and can be confusing. Perhaps to you, they are nothing but daunting lists of numbers that on the surface tell you nothing particularly useful, except maybe which law firms are the best. But, even then you may wonder, what makes them the best, better than any local law firm of which you are aware? And how are such rankings even determined? Do they mean anything to … Continued