Review And Improve Your Resume

How to Make a Perfect CV for Yourself A CV is a very important document or paper that can determine your entire job seeking process. It can make or break your interview process. This makes it all the more important to have a good CV with important information. Useful tips have been explained below. • Always make space for a profile section A profile section is mandatory. For all job seekers a section that is meant for explaining the profile … Continued

White Collar Defense Law

White Collar Defense Law What is white collar defense law? White collar crime refers to non-violent criminal activity committed in the commercial or business realm. Typically, these crimes involve fraud or deceit to produce monetary gain.  White collar defense refers to the law practice where lawyers defend their clients against the different ways that federal, state, and local governments attempt to regulate businesses and their interactions with each other and the public, internationally, within the United States, and/or state to … Continued

Trending Now: Which Are the Best White Collar Defense Law Firms?

White-collar defense is a unique area of specialization in the law – one that has gotten bigger and much more diversified over the years.  Indeed, the practice area as grown because the government investigation and prosecution of private and public business institutions and their executives and employees across the United States has increased. Federal and state prosecutors and regulators, armed with new statutes and increased penalties, are scrutinizing the transactions and agreements of institutions and individuals in virtually every industry … Continued

Reviewing Law Firm Professional Development Programs . . .

Which Type is Right for Your Law Firm? Without a fair understanding of their objectives, breadth, and benefits, professional development programs may seem like “busywork” to newcomers. The truth is, however, is that these programs can offer new and experienced lawyers alike valuable skills that will serve them well throughout their entire career. After all, talented and well-trained lawyers are what keep a firm impressive, competitive, and robust. Professional development programs take many different forms. Which program type is right … Continued

3 Job Search Strategies to Get You Through the Holidays

3 Job Search Strategies to Get You Through the Holidays “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” said no job-seeker ever during the holidays. Typically, this season is the worst time of year to look for employment. Hiring managers are taking time off, work slows down, and phones stop ringing. But if you are in this position during the holiday season, don’t despair. The new year is right around the corner and, chances are, proactive personnel have their sights … Continued

Have an Interview? How to Connect With Key Decision-Makers During Your Interview

How to Connect With Key Decision-Makers During Your Interview! You’ve made it past the first step – you perfected your elevator pitch, you advanced past the phone screen and the initial introductory interview.  Now, you have the big interview!  You have the interview with the key decision-makers.  You are close to the finish line!!  In this interview you will be meeting with the people with whom you will be working and the people who will make the final hiring decisions.  … Continued

5 Tips for Improving Your Networking Skills

How to Make Networking More Effective Networking is even more critical than you might think. Powerful relationships help build successful businesses and make you and your organization stand out from others! If you’re wondering about how to get connected with the right people within your chosen field, you’re certainly not alone. The good news is that we’re here to help! Below are five tips for improving your networking skills: #1—Don’t rely on the computer. Connecting with people on the Internet … Continued