5 Habits of Geniuses You Can Develop to Become More Intelligent

  There’s a reason why geniuses are different. They think differently and they act differently, so they are able to create some of the best and most amazing inventions. Well, you don’t have to want to be a genius to form habits that can make you smarter. Below are the eccentric habits of most geniuses that can help boost your intelligence: 1. Look around you and analyze your environment Geniuses are always hungry for knowledge. They have a desire to … Continued

I’m a Mid-Level Law Firm Associate and I Think My Practice Area Dying. How to Move On to One that Isn’t?

I’m a Mid-Level Law Firm Associate and I Think My Practice Area Dying.  How to Move On to One that Isn’t? Although the state of the recent economy and the legal industry is much improved, not all portions of the legal market have felt the same success.  Indeed, some portions of the legal economy have not yet fully recovered and some may never recover.  As a result, some practice areas struggle as profit centers. Related to that economic reality, some … Continued

8 Catchy Words That Will Make Your Emails Pop

8 Catchy Words That Will Make Your Emails Pop Being direct by email is a gift that keeps on giving.  You communicate effectively, the person understands you, the team excels, and the entire project succeeds. I’m not saying it all starts with just one word, but you’d be surprised how a word with a little fire in its belly can inspire people to act. Adding one word that might not be as well-known doesn’t hurt–if you choose the word carefully, … Continued

How to Hire the Right Person for Your Law Firm or Company!

How to Make Great Hiring Decisions! As a law firm or an employer, it is crucial to get the best employees that you possibly can for your organization. These individuals ensure value-driven customer service, are the face of your company, and help ensure that day-to-day tasks are completed effectively. For this reason, when you hire your attorneys and employees, you should be looking for a great fit. Often, however, law firms and employers have trouble making that determination.  Indeed, the … Continued

Tips to Keep Your Job Search Resolutions

Keep Job Search Resolutions!! The beginning of the year is a great time to dust off your resume and look for a job that matches your skills and personality traits. Before you start your job search, take some time to review your professional goals and determine the best way to reach them. Then, follow these tips to find a rewarding job that pays well and gives you opportunities to advance your career. 1. Identify a Goal All goals should be … Continued

Your Step-by-Step Plan for Organizing Every Part of Your Professional Life This Year

We’re betting you could probably use a little more organization in your life. Because the more together you (and your belongings) are, the easier it is to do your job and push your career forward. Below is a no-BS, step-by-step guide to organizing every part of your life. Even better? Every article comes from the dedicated experts here at The Daily Muse — meaning you can trust all of this advice. So get ready, dive in, and become the person … Continued

5 Resume Mistakes That Scream ‘Narcissist’

Fix Your Resume Mistakes!! Most people hate writing their resumes. The idea of having to sell yourself with a piece of paper can feel really intimidating. Between the formatting and the content, creating the perfect resume can feel overwhelming and frustrating. Even worse, as you send out the resume and receive no responses back, you start to doubt your design. Next thing you know, you’re making tweaks and changes, obsessing over why the resume isn’t making your phone ring. Resume … Continued

How Long Do You Think Hiring Managers Have to Review Your Resume?

6 Seconds — Does Yours Have What Employers Want? First impressions are incredibly important. After all, you have only one chance to truly either dazzle someone or send to them walking. This is especially the case when it comes to your resume. The truth is that recruiters and employers often get dozens to hundreds, maybe even thousands, of applications for just one position. This means that, realistically, recruiters and employers do not have time to read every resume as thoroughly as … Continued

5 Self-Limiting Habits That May Be Holding You Back

5 Self-Limiting Habits That May Be Holding You Back:  Are You Standing in the Way of Your Own Success?   No matter your definition of success — wealth, job security, happiness — waking up in the morning and loving what you do does not depend on who employs you. It depends on your mindset; your habits and behaviors. Your ability to think, react, interrelate, problem solve, and lead are big factors in your forward momentum. Any inkling of doubt, insecurity, … Continued

New Year’s Resolutions That You Can Keep

Improve Your New Year!! At the end of each December, many people vow to make promises to change their lives for the better, such as losing weight, starting a new diet, alleviating stress or making a key lifestyle change. What about your professional development? A New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to only involve your personal life. Stretch your career aspirations a little bit with five easy ways you can create a new you that gets noticed by an employer, a … Continued