Make A Living Doing What You Love!!

10 Real People on How They Landed 10 Jobs They Love We’re constantly telling people to “follow their dreams” or “find their passions,” but we also understand that this might sound easier than it is. So, we want to make this journey more tangible for you—and we know just who you should listen to. We’ve collected the 10 best stories from real, live people on how they stumbled upon, applied for, and landed their dream jobs. Plus, some tips they … Continued

Should I Quit My Job?

4 Signs That You Are Ready to Quit Your Job Everyone has discouraging days in the office. Whether you’re feeling overworked, stressed out, fearful or bored, the bottom line is that most opportunities weren’t meant to last forever. No matter what stage you’re at in your career, each position comes with a life span that varies depending on the individual and the circumstances surrounding the work. Once you’ve reached the end of that ride, it’s time to start looking for … Continued

Am I A Gossip?!?!

Don’t Mind Your Own Business: 5 Ways to Put Your Nosy Habits to Good Use I Hate Minding My Own Business . . . As a kid, I hated when people told me to mind my own business. In fact, I still don’t like it. I’m a curious type (I may’ve been called nosy once or twice), and nothing frustrates me more than having my natural curiosity shut down. Is This An Opportunity? Luckily, I’ve turned my nosiness into opportunity. … Continued

This Trick Will Help Your LinkedIn Profile Be Seen By More Employers

More than 400 million people worldwide are on LinkedIn. For those using LinkedIn to help land a great new job, that’s a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because with that many people using the business-oriented social network, recruiters are prowling the site to find job candidates. LinkedIn makes over 60% of its revenue on recruiter tools, the company says. It’s a curse because with 400 million profiles on the site, it can be tough to make yourself stand … Continued

How Do I Get Promoted Within My Current Firm?

1 Simple Secret to Getting Promoted I talk to a lot of high-performing, ambitious people who, like I was before I started my own business, are frustrated at work. That frustration centers around a disconnect between the job they want and the job they have. A lot of times, they view their immediate supervisors (however beloved) and those one level above them as directly to blame. Because blaming others makes us powerless to change our own circumstances, it’s not particularly … Continued

I’m So Stressed Out!! How Do I Recover??

The Best Thing You Can Do for Yourself When You’re Stressed  One of my responsibilities at work is managing 15 students who serve as peer health educators. When I ask how they’re doing, they ramble off the multitude of activities they’re involved in, the exams they’re studying for, the projects that’re due, the causes they’re advocating for, and, well, the list could go on. And on. When they finally take a breath, I ask, “And how are you practicing self-care?” … Continued

I’m So Awkward!! How Can I Improve My Body Language?

10 Power Moves You Can Pull Off Using Body Language Your body language is a fundamental part of who you are; chances are you don’t even think about how you stand, sit, and move. You should, of course, because other people instinctively pick up the nonverbal signals you send. Oddly enough, you also pick up on your own nonverbal signals. Gestures and postures make a dramatic impact on how you think, feel, and perform. Want to use body language to be an … Continued