How Do I Revise My Resume To Get The Interview?!?!

Score an Interview by Using Keywords in Your Resume Everyone talks about keywords nowadays when the subject of resumes comes up. They are essential to getting in the door for an interview. If you don’t use them, you’re not showing the employer that you have what they’re looking for, and you’ll likely get passed by. Keywords can be difficult to extract, and you may be asking, “What exactly is considered a keyword? How do I find them? And how do … Continued

Are You Looking For An Internship? Consider This!

How An Internship Can Either Make or Break You: An Intern’s Story by Christina Martin (Bangalore, Karnataka, India) In the Indian context, summer jobs and internships are not a very big deal as in the west. The general trend is that students only intern to earn credits or to fulfill a part of their degree. But internships can be a big deal and I only realized this during my six month stint at Thomson Reuters. Although this is a success … Continued

Use Oprah’s Secret!! Find Your Own Definition Of Success!!

In Very Exciting News, Oprah Just Shared Her Secret to Success Yesterday, Oprah Winfrey delivered the commencement address at Smith College. And when Winfrey, who rose from humble beginnings to become a media trailblazer and billionaire, said “…that truly is the secret to my success,” it’s fair to say we all wanted to know what exactly she was referring to. The secret, she explained, is “the power of service.” But you have to hear her out or risk believing she … Continued

Use Social Media For Your Job Search? Here’s How!!

13 Quick Things You Can Do on Social Media Today to Boost Your Career You use social media right? I bet you’re on it now, scrolling between this article and your Facebook feed while simultaneously tilting your screen away from your boss’ eyesight. (I see you there.) Well, while you’re on it, why not make some moves in the right direction? Yes, there’s such a thing as using social media to boost your career—and I have 13 things you can … Continued

Do You Work In a Multi-Generational Workplace? Avoid These Phrases!

4 Ageist Phrases to Quit Saying at the Office While employed in the office of a state senator, Alice Fisher sometimes felt out of place. “I was working with people who were younger than my children,” says Fisher, who’s now 69. As an older worker, she was able to hold her own, but she still sometimes felt like the office mom and heard her share of unconsciously ageist statements, says Fisher, who founded the Radical Age Movement, a national group … Continued

I’m On LinkedIn And Don’t Want To Make Mistakes — What Should I Do?

Are You Making These 8 Embarrassing Mistakes on LinkedIn? LinkedIn can be an incredibly powerful tool for networking, expanding your contacts and even finding jobs, but it has its own unique etiquette land mines. Here are eight of the most common faux pas people make on LinkedIn – and how to make sure that you avoid them. 1. Sending generic connection requests. It was probably a mistake for LinkedIn to provide default text for the connection request emails sent through … Continued

Help!! I’m Always So Busy, But Nothing Is Getting Done! How Do I Manage My Time?

3 Ways Successful People Mange Their Time I once worked with a team where the guy who was always “the busiest” got the least amount done. That’s because he spent more time managing his personal distractions than actually completing his work. He was certainly talented and had the skills to do the job, but had no idea how to manage his time. You may know someone like this, or identify with him yourself. We are not always at our best … Continued

I Just Got Promoted!! How Do I Motivate My Staff?

Want to Be a Highly Respected Boss? 20 Things to Do Every Day Think about the best boss you’ve ever had. Maybe you’re fortunate, and we’re talking about the person you call your boss today. Maybe it’s someone you recall fondly from years ago. (Maybe you don’t have a boss–good for you!–but I’ll bet you’ve had one at some time in the past.) Regardless of who this person is, I’m confident I can describe him or her. That’s because highly … Continued