Listen! Be A Good Listener!!

Are You a Good Listener? Before Answering, Make Sure You’re Not Making These 5 Mistakes Of all the communication skills, listening is one of the trickiest because it seems easy but actually requires conscious effort. Effective listening doesn’t mean waiting for the other person to stop talking so you can share your thoughts. What it does mean is using all of your attention to understand what someone is trying to communicate to you. If you lead people, this is even … Continued

Uncomfortable? Lead Your Team!

Being a Leader Means Being Uncomfortable The night of July 6, 2016, I couldn’t sleep. I’d just witnessed, via social media, the violent and unjust death of Philando Castile, just 24 hours after Alton Sterling was shot to death in Baton Rouge. They were not the first, and I feel a constant pain in my heart knowing that they won’t be the last. But for me, they were a catalyst. I lay awake in bed in a sadness-fueled insomnia peppered with so many other emotions … Continued

Sleeping Late Is Good For Me!

Good News, Late Risers: Sleeping in May Actually Be Good For You Late sleepers get a bad rap. The early bird gets the worm, and the person who doesn’t wake up until a few hours later in the day gets, well, nothing. (Nothing, I tell you!) “Somehow,” says Elliott Bell, Senior Director of Brand and Marketing for The Muse, “we’ve turned into a society that shines a blessed light on morning people as a rare form of human that is … Continued

What Do Hiring Managers Really Think?

Behind the Scenes: 3 Things Hiring Managers Actually Discuss After the Interview If you’re like many people I know, you worry about what hiring managers say about you the second you exit the interview. And you therefore probably assume that they nitpick the heck out of your answers and only hire the people with zero faults. Well, I can’t speak for every single hiring manager on the face of the earth, but I can say that when I was a … Continued

5 Steps to Take When it Feels Like the Universe Is Working Against You

5 Steps to Take When it Feels Like the Universe Is Working Against You As a founder of two self-funded, bootstrapped companies, a hands-on mom of two teenage sons, a leadership coach to dozens of CEOs, and a cancer survivor, I’ve personally learned that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Unless we live in a bubble, no one moves through life without pain. When the world begins to close in around us, what can we do to push through … Continued

I Need A New Job This Year — Any Tips?

Best Successful Career Tips You Will Read This Year Whether you are aware or not, the fact is your career development started the day you were born and continuous to this day as it is a lifelong process. The various factors that eventually shape your career range from your personality, interests, values, background, circumstances and abilities. Self-Awareness You need to understand yourself as also the world of work really well, once you have this knowledge you would be able to … Continued

How Closely Do Employers Review My Resume?

How Crucial is the Resume in the Job Searching Process? A resume is basically a document that contains the personal as well as the professional information. This is a very important document in regards to the job searching & job application procedure. For all of us, the career is a very important thing. It is the dream of every educated person to get the dream job. In this regard, the resume plays a very crucial role. Let us discuss why … Continued

Making Mistakes? Is My Working Fast Hurting My Chances Of Promotion?

Yes, It’s Possible to Work Too Fast: Here Are 4 Signs It’s Time to Slow Down The ability to work with jackrabbit speed is typically recognized and rewarded in business. Simply put, companies like employees who can cruise through their to-do lists at Mach3 with their hair on fire. Because, after all, time is money. But time is not money if that efficiency is not matched with effectiveness. Racing through assignments only to deliver sloppy results not only costs businesses … Continued

Have An Awesome Week!!

11 Smarter Ways to Tackle Mondays for an Awesome Week If you dread getting up bright and early and returning to the office every Monday morning, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are better ways to wake up, get energized, and set yourself up for a productive and exciting start to your week. Here are 11 smarter ways to tackle that dreaded case of the Mondays. Trust me, you’ll be thanking yourself later. There are scientific reasons why that first day … Continued

Applying For A New Job?? Here’s How To Make Sure Yours Gets Read First!!

Three Tips For Using Electronic Job Applications It is very likely that your next job application, regardless of the industry, will be done electronically. In some ways this makes the process easier, I think, since many find it laborious to fill out paper applications by hand and make sure it gets into the correct hands. Still, there are some issues you can run into with an electronic application that could cause problems if you are not paying attention. 1. Read … Continued