How Do I Create The Best Cover Letter?!??

How to Cut Your Cover Letter Down to One Page (Because Any Longer and No One’s Reading) Here’s the reality: Since we know hiring managers only spend six seconds on your resume, there’s a high probability they also spend very little time reading your cover letter, too. And that means that as excited as you may be to rattle off all of your qualifications and accomplishments, going over that one-page mark can mean your message gets lost (which defeats the … Continued

Follow This Great Job Search Advice!!

3 Job Search Tips People Ignore Because They Think They’re the Exception I’m just going to go ahead and admit it: Sometimes when my husband gives me advice I don’t like or wasn’t expecting, instead of embracing it, I tell him he doesn’t understand, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he just doesn’t get it. This leads to exactly nowhere as he attempts to get me to explain myself better, and I shut down. My excuses for claiming his … Continued

How Do I Recover From A Professional Failure?

7 Smart Ways Successful People Respond to Failure For some people, failure serves as a permanent roadblock that stands in between them and success. For the mentally strong, however, this serves as an opportunity to sharpen their skills and become better. Whether they get passed up for a promotion or their side hustle costs more money than it earns, mentally strong people don’t let failure define them. Here’s how they turn the biggest setbacks into their best comebacks: 1. They … Continued

Get In Control Of Your Life!!

5 Habits to Help You Feel More in Control of Your Life (Which Is a Great Feeling) Too many of us live our lives based on what we think we’re supposed to do or should be doing. Without realizing it, we’ve let others’ beliefs become our own. That’s fine when those thoughts leverage our strengths and passions and move us toward our dreams. But all too often, these internalized assumptions lead us in the wrong direction and cause us to … Continued

7 Reasons to Stay Strong Through Your Failures!

Be Resilient; Be Successful! Editor’s note: “The First 90 Days” is a series about how to make 2016 a year of breakout growth for your business. Let us know how you’re making the first 90 days count by joining the conversation on social media with the hashtag #Inc90Days. Mozart, Vincent Van Gogh, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates–all failed, and failed many times. But these geniuses are great leaders that all have one thing in common: They … Continued

I Hate Waiting After I Applied For A Job — How Do I Follow Up?

Because Waiting is the Worst, Here’s How to Follow Up at Every Step of Your Job Search The job application process is a back and forth between two interested parties. Written out like that it seems reasonable enough. But somehow it always ends up feeling like you’re just constantly waiting, doesn’t it? You submit an application. Then you wait. You’ve completed the phone screen. Then you wait. You met the hiring manager at the on-site interview. Then you wait. It … Continued

Career Development Tips For Smaller Cities!

4 Common Pieces of Career Advice You Need to Tweak if You Don’t Live in a Big City I’ve talked previously about the fact that I live in a smaller city. And, for the most part, I love it. I love the cheap cost of living, the fact that I can leave my front door unlocked without worrying, and that I can almost never run to the grocery store without crossing paths with someone I know. But, as much as … Continued

Are You Interviewing For Your Perfect Job? Are You A Good Communicator?

17 Questions Good Communicators Can Answer Easily Whether you regularly speak in public and write online, or you mostly express yourself over email, being a good communicator is part of every single job description. But how can you really know if it’s something you’re good at? Here are 17 questions that can help you identify whether you’re awesome at communicating—or a bit rusty. (And don’t worry if it’s the latter, there are simple ways to improve each of these skills.) … Continued

Manage Expectations!! How to Respond to Every Email Within 24 Hours . . .

How to Respond to Every Email Within 24 Hours (Even When You Don’t Have an Answer) You nod along when everyone around you is talking about how they achieve inbox zero. But truthfully, you never feel like you get there. Zero In-Box And in your defense, that’s because you receive messages that require lengthy or thoughtful responses. Someone asked for your opinion, and you’d like to take the time to formulate it. Or there’s a five-page attachment for your review—and … Continued

You Need To Continually Learn In Your Career!!

Apologies to Your Retirement Countdown, But Your Career Shouldn’t Have an Expiration Date Most of the time we imagine that work is something we do, until we finally don’t have to do it anymore. We count down the days until we’ve saved up enough money that we can just quit. In fact, we throw people retirement parties to celebrate the fact they no longer have to go into an office every day. But what if work was something that actually … Continued