I Want To Brag, But, How Can I Be Subtle?

4 Under-the-Radar Ways Modest People Brag About Their Accomplishments When promoting your professional capabilities—whether that’s through an active job search or as an ongoing effort to affirm your personal brand—it’s ridiculously important that you toot your horn, and toot it well. Simply put, the easier you make it for people to quickly understand what you’re all about, and why they (sure as heck) should care about you, the better the odds are that they’re going to want to know you, … Continued

Interview Prep! Your Biggest Interview Fear And How To Combat It!

According to Your Fellow Muse Readers, This Is Your Biggest Interview Fear You know how you have those dreams the night before a big interview about stepping into the office and falling through a giant hole in the floor? Well, if you haven’t, just know that they can be terrifying. But so can interviews, and we know almost everyone has some fear about how it’ll go (wrong). Some people are afraid of letting a bad comment about a previous boss … Continued

Do I Really Need To Tailor My Resume To Each Job Application?

3 Excuses You’re Making to Avoid Tailoring Your Application (and Why They’re Wrong) You probably cringe every time someone tells you to tailor your resume to every single job. You know it’s good advice, but it requires a little extra work. And all you want to do is apply for the position as soon as possible before someone else gets it. Is that really so much to ask for? No—but you should also know that this advice gets repeated by … Continued

I Need A New Job!! When Will I Have Time To Job Search?

An Easy Way to Find Time to Job Search When You “Literally Have No Time” “I never have enough time.” “I can’t believe how this week has flown by.” “I’m too busy to job search.” We say it, think it, and believe it constantly. In our minds, time walks away from us, catches us off guard, and sneaks up on us. It’s our worst and yet most valuable pest. But what if we took control of our time instead of … Continued

Find The Right Career and Company For You!!

How to Find a Company That’ll Help You Explore Your Passions and Find Your Path Committing to a career path is always scary. After all, how do you know if a role is the role? What if you start feeling bored or getting stuck? Is it possible your real dream job is out there—you just haven’t found it yet? Of course, there are all kinds of ways to explore your professional interests. For starters, you can take career quizzes and … Continued

What Should I Do With My Life?

Stop Looking for Your Life’s Purpose and Do This Instead For most of my life, I’ve anxiously wondered about my “life’s purpose.” Why am I here? What’s the greater meaning of my life? What’s the message I’m here to impart? What’s the point of my existence? And so on. I’ve consulted with astrologers, Tarot card readers, career coaches, hypnotherapists, partners, and lovers. I’ve taken long walks through the woods. I’ve stared into the night sky. I’ve drunk too many cups … Continued

How Do I Create My Personal and Professional Brand?

26 Different Ways to Build Your Personal Brand (Meaning You’ll Like at Least One!) Building out your personal brand can feel overwhelming. Not unlike thought leadership, it can seem like something successful people have down pat, but that’s a bit overwhelming for the rest of us. While you know it’ll help you advance in your career, maybe you’ve been holding off, because you’re not quite sure when (or where or how) to start managing your image. Well, the good news … Continued

Emotional Intelligence? What’s That?

7 Clear Signs That Your Emotional Intelligence Is Lower Than it Should Be Manage Your Emotional Intelligence It’s not hard to understand the role of emotional intelligence when it comes to success: Whether you’re born with an abundance or you have to work hard to develop a smaller share, it’s important to have at least a degree of it. Emotional Intelligence — What Is It? Emotional intelligence is the skill of knowing why you feel the way you do and … Continued

Are You Planning For Retirement?

Forget Your Age: Why Everyone Needs a Specific Retirement Goal Now Are You Planning For Retirement? Do you have a specific financial goal for retirement? Shaking your head right now? Maybe you’ve never really thought about the actual number. In fact, you prefer not to think about retirement at all. After all, you have years to worry about that. Make A Plan . . . Well it may be time to come up with a plan, especially after you consider … Continued

How Do I Ask For Professional Feedback?

Um, This Is the Wrong Way to Ask for Feedback at Work Your co-worker asks if you’d be willing to look over his latest presentation, and you’re more than happy to. Only, when you get the email from him, it says, “Good to go, right?” which makes you feel like he doesn’t really want your honest feedback. A rubber stamp question can actually make you feel worse than if you hadn’t been asked in the first place. You might feel … Continued