I’m So Happy To Have An Interview . . . How Do I Interview The Company?

Here’s What “You’re Interviewing Them as Much as They’re Interviewing You” Actually Means As you prepare for an upcoming interview, your loved ones are wishing you good luck, and at least one says: Remember, you’re interviewing them just as much as they’re interviewing you.  You nod and smile, because you’re pretty sure you’re supposed to know what this means—but in reality, you have no idea. After all, you aren’t planning to lead with “Tell me about yourself,” or end by … Continued

How To Be Recruited At Work!!

5 Things Everyone Who Gets Recruited Has in Common We all know this person. That friend, colleague, or family member who seems to get hit up by recruiters for really cool jobs every other month or so — without so much as trying. Seriously, what is up with that? How is this person pulling it off? (And, is it OK to secretly hate him just a tiny bit? ) While there’s no magic formula when it comes to consistently attracting amazing opportunities, … Continued

Help!! What Do I Put In My Cover Letter?!?!

You’re Overthinking It:  3 Cover Letter Details That Simply Don’t Matter Writing a cover letter will almost always be a stressful exercise. You know they’re required, and you know that the right words could set you apart from the competition. But because there’s so much on the line, it’s easy to hone in on the most minor details. Details so minuscule that many employers don’t even notice them. So, before you spend the next few hours debating over something that’s insignificant, … Continued

Failure? No Way!! How To Overcome Any Obstacle . . .

How to Get Through Any Setback, According to a Retired Navy SEAL When I came across an article called, “How Do You Deal With Failures? One Word…Good,” featuring an excerpt from a podcast by retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink, I was rapt. In the podcast Egan quotes, Willink answers the question, “How do you deal with setbacks, failures, delays, defeats, or other disasters?” “I actually have a fairly, simple way of dealing with these situations. It’s actually one word to deal with … Continued

I Think I Need To Update My LinkedIn Profile . . . But, How Do I Do It?

How to Update Your LinkedIn Profile Based on What You’ve Done and Where You Want to Go You know you’re supposed to keep your LinkedIn profile updated, but beyond tweaking your summary and adding new achievements and keywords, what’s there to change? Plenty—if you’re ready to tell an intentional, deliberate story about your value in a way that other candidates won’t. Or to put that more succinctly, if you want to get the attention of recruiters who are poking around the platform looking for amazing … Continued

How Do I Ask For Feedback?

The One Word That’ll Make Asking for Honest Feedback Less Scary When we’re asking for feedback on our work, it’s not always an “I feel awesome” moment. Yes, sometimes our questions lead to a round of applause and a “Fantastic job!” But more often, they lead to our boss rattling off critiques, or co-workers stating, “It’s OK, but maybe you should try this instead,” and we immediately have to go back to the drawing board, feeling defeated and embarrassed. How To Ask … Continued

I Am Junior On My Team — How Do I Get Ahead?

4 Challenges You’ll Face as the Least-Experienced Member of the Team You just started a new job and you’re so excited. There’s just one catch: You’re clearly the least experienced person on the team. Maybe you’re the youngest, or maybe you’ve changed careers, or maybe you just made an internal transfer. Whatever the scenario, everyone around you knows their work like the back of their hand, leaving you feeling like you’re lagging behind. While that’s not the most comforting or enjoyable … Continued