Information Technology / Technology Transactions Law

Information Technology / Technology Transactions Law What is Information Technology Law? Information Technology Law covers the issues that arise when companies develop, license, acquire, or sell intellectual property, information technology, and/or computer-related and other technloogy products and services. Lawyers in this field advise clients on a broad range of issues across various industries. Such topics include intellectual property, licensing, software, hardware, technology transfer, outsourcing, e-commerce, procurement, consulting services, Internet, telecommunications, joint ventures, and strategic alliances. What do Information Technology lawyers … Continued

Derivatives and Futures Law

Derivatives and Futures Law What is Derivatives Law? Most generally, a client – a bank or a business – will use a derivative, an investment product, to hedge risks which they feel are out of their control. This area of law requires a multi-disciplinary approach, a reflection of the wide variety of participants and products in the financial market. In working in derivatives law, an attorney will work with clients which include, among others, banks, broker-dealers, hedge funds, private equity funds, … Continued

How To Make The Best First Impression On Your Potential Employer!

8 Ways to Make a Good Impression on a Hiring Manager Before They Even Meet You You know how when your friend wants to introduce you to someone you immediately badger them with questions about the person, and maybe even reach for the internet to do some stalking? Well, hiring managers are just like you (crazy, right?)—they want to get a good sense of who you are before actually meeting you. And a lot of the time, it takes more … Continued

The Employees You Will Find in Law Firms

The Employees You Will Find in Law Firms When you walk into a law practice, you will discover a variety of different employees, and it’s these employees that help a law firm stay afloat. Lexacount Search thought it would benefit you to understand what these jobs are, and how they help a law firm maintain stability. Partners  The partners are the ‘owners’ of the law firm. They have the highest fees and make the most profit. They are also known … Continued

Premises Liability Law

Premises Liability Law What is premises liability law? Premises liability law holds landowners accountable when a person injures him or herself on a property because of a dangerous condition. Typically, most premises liability claims are based on negligence. For example, if person A went to person B’s house, and person A tripped on the front porch, which was in poor condition, and injured themselves; then person A could file a premises liability claim against person B, due to negligence of … Continued

International Development Law

International Development Law What is International Development Law? International Development Law focuses on using the law to improve social and economic development in the international sphere.  More specifically, international development concentrates on improving the political, human, economic, and social conditions of life for all in alleviating poverty and improving education, creating access to healthcare, providing jobs and economic and infrastructure stability and development. What do International Development lawyers do? Lawyers in this field of practice are involved in a range … Continued