I Never Get Enough Sleep!!

3 Excuses You Make for Not Getting Enough Sleep (and Why They’re All Wrong) I’m the queen of blaming everyone but myself for not sleeping enough:  My mom called and kept me up late chatting, that extra coffee trip with a co-worker at 4 PM made falling asleep impossible, that one episode turned into five because the plot just kept getting better. But the truth is, I have all the control when it comes to my habits. I choose not to listen to the people, … Continued

You Too Can Remain Engaged In Your Job!!

4 Things People Who Truly Enjoy Their Work Do Differently While it’s true that terrible jobs are often directly related to a horrible boss or boring, tedious work , things that can be hard to problem-solve, many people have found a way to enjoy what they do in spite of a few outstanding negatives. A recent study showed that 49.6% of people enjoy their jobs. Even though almost half of employees like their jobs, if you’re part of the 50.4% of people who don’t, it can … Continued

My Work Is Not Keeping Me Engaged . . . What Should I Do?

What to Do if Your Work No Longer Excites You You used to love your job, but now you’re bored. You have to drag yourself to the office each day, and while you’re there, you’re not even working, just refreshing Facebook every five minutes. If you’re being honest, you’ve outgrown your role, but you’re not ready to throw in the towel and move on just yet. Job searches take a lot of time and effort, and—especially if you once loved your position … Continued

Should I Stand Out In My Job Search?

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Trying to “Stand Out” in Your Job Search All job hunters hear the advice to “stand out,” “be different,” and “separate yourself from the crowd!” But what exactly does that mean with regard to your job search? Do you send a fruit basket to your interviewer? Record a video of a company cheer you composed? Or, maybe you just try to be your “best self”—whatever that means! Here’s the scoop: You will face competition when applying to most … Continued

I Can’t Get Started!! How Do I Get Motivated?

7 Bad Reasons People Give Up on Their Goals Before They Really Get Started Too many people judge success by the day—which isn’t realistic, and here’s why. They set a really big goal, usually something that combines the proficiency of multiple skill sets, each of which would take years to master. That goal is then tied to some sort of hope relating to external validation: “When I achieve this, then everyone will respect me!” And finally, to top it all off, they vow to … Continued