Help! I Sent My Resume In, But, I Didn’t Receive a Response. Here’s Why You Haven’t Heard Anything!

Help!  I Sent My Resume In, But, I Didn’t Receive a Response.  Here’s Why You Haven’t Heard Anything!   

Silence. Perhaps that is the best word to describe employers’ responses to your job search. You have sent your resume out into the void, braving the possibility of rejection, only to hear nothing back at all, not even a faint echo. You might have spent countless nights wondering: what am I doing wrong? Is it me? Here, we will explore some reasons why corporate recruiters may not be responding as fervently as you had hoped and perhaps several ways that you can change that by making a few adjustments to how you pitch yourself.

1.        Your resume is not as polished as it could be—yet.

Do not take this one as an insult. Rather, take a careful look at your resume and be honest with yourself. Even if it is technically error-free, are there any instances where your phrasing is unclear? Where could you have been more specific about a past job or experience? Is all your information accurate? Double check everything. If you are unsure about any aspect of your resume, ask a trusted friend or colleague to look it over objectively. A resume that stands out as just even slightly more refined than others in the pile can help you tremendously.

2.        You are not adequately qualified for the position(s) for which you are applying.

Again, do not get defensive. Instead, look honestly at your resume, your cover letter, and any other material you may have submitted to a recruiter and then compare your credentials and experience to the bare minimum required for any job postings to which you have responded. Do you fit the criteria perfectly? If not, in what areas might you come up short, even if just slightly compared to the average candidate with whom you may be competing? If you determine that you might be lacking in some areas, challenge these perceived shortcomings head on and correct them if possible. If they are not easily correctable, approach all future job applications with an eye for detail concerning “fit”—that is, actively seek out positions that best match your skill and education level. This is not to say that you should not apply widely. If you know that you are qualified, apply. Just be aware of what the job will ask of you and think deeply about whether the job will be right for you.

Additionally, make sure that all of your skills are listed precisely. You might be perfectly qualified for a position based on skillset alone, but recruiters might be overlooking you due to unclear wording.

3.        The employers simply are swamped.

Perhaps the issue has nothing to do with your resume or application at all. Maybe the employers to whom you have sent your materials have been inundated with resumes, cover letters, phone calls, emails, etc.  For each position posted, there are a large number of applicants, the vast majority of which are not qualified for the position.  However, no matter what, whether qualified or unqualified, each recruiter handles each applicant with care.  Although it is only human to be frustrated by a lack of response, competition for each open position is fierce.  The reality is that a job search can take time and there may be a candidate who is a better fit for the position.  As a result, you may not receive a response for every position for which you apply.   However, that is no reason for disappointment to keep you from looking and applying – keep trying and you will find the position and employer who really is the best fit for you!

4.        Perhaps you just need to wait a little longer.

Although you are feeling anxious, you might want to consider one simple possibility: that simply not enough time has passed for an employer or recruiter to have reviewed your materials thoroughly. Yes, the process of job searching is grueling, and sometimes days can feel like weeks, months, or years —but give it time. If you have been contacted by a recruiter but have not had any further contact since, consider sending a brief, polite email or leaving a voicemail. They will probably not long, provided that you do not swamp them. Beyond this, though, we must emphasize once more: be patient! And stay persistent. Sometimes you have to endure periods of great silence before you hear resounding interest and obtain the position of your dreams! Good luck!!

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Even with these tips, being patient with your job search can be a challenge.  If you find you would like to jumpstart your job search plan, contact a Career Counselor with Lexacount Search’s Career Consulting Services.  Or, if you need assistance with improving your resume, contact a Resume Consultant with Lexacount Search’s Resume Writing and Editing Services Group.  If you are interested in learning more about open finance and accounting industry opportunities, contact a Search Consultant from Lexacount Search’s Finance Group.  If you are interested in legal industry opportunities, contact a Search Consultant from Lexacount Search’s Legal Group.




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