When Will the Recruiter Call Me Back?

What Recruiters Wish Candidates Knew About the Job Search Process

When you send your resume and cover letter into the void, you may have several thoughts going through your head at once, including excitement and anxiety. You may be thinking:  “What will a recruiter be looking for in my job application?” and “Is there anything I can do to get on a recruiter’s “good side” or even bad side?” Or, even:  “What can make me stick out as a candidate?” In this post, we will look at some aspects of the job search process about which recruiters wish job seekers were more aware. We hope that this article will enlighten you and make the whole process feel a little less mysterious and intimidating.

1.  Be Open – Sometimes A Job Description Will Change

In most instances, a job description clearly outlines the tasks and challenges of a job.  However, in some instances, the job description and the job requirements will evolve. What is fully expected of you might not be known for sure until you are actually hired; in fact, hiring managers might not know exactly what the job will entail until someone is officially put to the task. Responsibilities may vary depending on the company’s needs and the new employee’s skills and background. In sum, be prepared to be ambitious.

2.  Know Yourself – Be Specific in Your Job Search.

As you might imagine, most job applications are notoriously generic. The truth is, specific searches yield the best results in the end. Similarly, if your training and background are incredibly specialized and multi-layered, you need to tailor you resume to reflect that. Make sure that you hit all the right keywords and use the most precise diction possible.

3.  Don’t Be Discouraged If It Takes Time When Your Materials Are Under Review.

For every open position on which an internal or external recruiter is managing, innumerable candidates apply.  To go through the sheer volume, it may a recruiter anywhere from a couple of days to a week or more.  As a result, it may take some time for a recruiter to let you know the status of your candidacy.  Nevertheless, as a candidate, you should know that recruiters will do everything that they can to address your concerns and will offer you the direction that you might need. It might just take several days for that to happen—so bear with them!

4.  Sell Yourself – Share Why You Are a Perfect Fit for the Job.

At the end of the day, when you reach out to a recruiter, you are essentially doing one thing: trying to sell yourself. You want to pitch your expertise so that recruiters are certain that you are the one they have been searching for all along. How do you go about this? Above all else, be genuine. Be specific. Do not be afraid to show your passion and revel in your achievements; just be sure to do so with substance. Have some concrete information to back you up.

5.  Ask Questions.

Recruiters want you to be enthusiastic about the position for which you are applying. This enthusiasm may go beyond simply relaying your own experiences, background, and passions. To go the extra mile, show genuine curiosity. Ask recruiters what you as a potential candidate can expect from the job and what may happen next. Ask what an ideal employee does—what might be expected of you, what you can do once you are hired to reassure a hiring manager that you were the right choice.

6.  Realize that Recruiters Want to be on Your Side!

Recruiters are not looking to grill you or to make you feel inadequate. Moreover, they do not want to intimidate you. In fact, they strive to do just the opposite. They want to sell you to hiring managers, showing that you are the right one for the job. They want to advocate for you loudly and clearly. They take pleasure in helping people achieve their ideal jobs. So, don’t be shy. Polish your resume, write a compelling cover letter, and you should have no problem forming friendly professional relationships with recruiters.

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