4 Ways a Faculty Member Mentor Can Be a Boost to Your Career

The future can be incredibly confusing and downright overwhelming.  Different paths lead to different destinations, but which one is the right one?

This is where a college professor or faculty member, who is your mentor, can help.  A mentor truly will care about your future, too, and that often goes largely unappreciated.

Unfortunately, many college students feel as though they’re just faceless numbers on an attendance sheet.  As a result, they never get the chance to make use of the guidance, knowledge, and networking opportunities that a university faculty member mentor has to offer.

Below are four ways a faculty member can be a boost to your career:

#1—Networking opportunities

A university faculty member has years of experience in his or her field of study.  This means years of networking with other people and companies in the same industry.  This can open doors to many opportunities, including internships, job search knowledge and assistance, or even a full-time job offer!

#2—Connections with recruiting agencies

Some faculty members, for example, faculty members who have spent time in the private sector, even have connections with recruiting agencies and recruiters from specific companies.  Again, this offers great opportunities to students, as students are offered access to greater opportunities, often with a global reach, than they might have otherwise come across.

#3—As an advisor and mentor

A faculty member that also serves as an advisor to students can influence a student’s career choices and provide information on a recruiter’s company or client.  Professors and faculty members have the knowledge and expertise necessary to guide you in the right direction and lend advice based on years of experience.

#4—As a career coach

If you’re working with a faculty member, they’re probably very familiar with your work ethic, grades, and potential to succeed.  As a result, they’re in a much better position to recommend you for possible employment opportunities.

Ultimately, an effective relationship between a student and faculty member can lead to a future relationship with an employer, which is the ultimate goal.

Jacqueline Hill, Esq.

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