5 Tips for Maximizing Social Media During Your Job Search


As many of us know, when searching for a new job, a candidate should help advance his or her search with the use of social media!  Although social media is everywhere, there are professional media sites, such as LinkedIn, which allow you to connect and network with others.  There are also “fun” social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, which can also help you gain recognition within your chosen field.

However, when searching for a new position, how should we approach these sites – both the professional and the “fun” – and use them?  Below are five tips for maximizing the professional effect of social media during your job search:

#1—Create a (professional) profile.

Posting photos depicting unprofessional attire, appearances, and especially inappropriate content is a huge mistake.  Most social media sites offer flexible security settings to “hide” any content you don’t wish to be seen by public audiences.  Monitor your page closely and make sure that the outside world, including employers, can only see what you want them to see.

#2—Show your personal side.

Let your followers know what to expect in your profile description.  Include personal touches such as a small biography of your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and skills.  Include your professional background and accomplishments.  Remain professional and avoid controversial issues, and also remember that negativity can be a turn-off for employers.  Strive to always use proper grammar and avoid spelling errors.

#3—Create a social media strategy.

Popular social media sites can be a great way to network effectively, especially with other people within your chosen field.  As part of your strategy, ensure that your online identity can be found with a simple Internet search (after following the first and second steps listed above, of course).  Then formulate a plan for what you’ll post, when you’ll post it, and how often you’ll reach out to other people.  Continuously tweak that plan in accordance with the results you get.

#4—Expand your network.

LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook provide the most value for a job search because they hold the most potential for expanding your network of professional contacts.  You can expand your network on all three sites by identifying the principles and core values of the companies that interest you the most and focusing on them.  Follow and interact with people who work at those companies, and share articles and information that involve the companies and/or their core values.  Remember to stay active, but also don’t be too active.  Strike a healthy balance.

#5—Be human (and be yourself).

You’re not perfect; you’re human.  How do you show emotion on social media sites and make more of a personal connection with your audience?  Not only should you display your human side with your profile information (see tip #2) and the things you post, but most social media sites also allow you to upload a video, which can help convey more of a personal message.  There are also other social media sites, such as YouTube and Vine, which are comprised solely of videos.

Using these all of these sites in combination with each other can be beneficial and can maximize your social media presence.  However, to improve your chances at landing your dream position, you must be vigilant in maintaining the professionalism of your social media presence.

Jacqueline Hill, Esq.

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