A Headhunter Called Me – Should I Call Him Back?

What Are Recruiters and What Can I Expect From Them?

Question:  A recruiter called me and left me a message asking me if I was interested in being considered for a new position.  I’m not really looking to leave my current job, should I call him back?

Answer:  Of course!!  Why?  Because, you never know!!  At some stage point, there’s a good chance that you’re going to encounter a recruiter.  Even if you are not looking now, call him or her back – your next position may be just a phone call away, now or when your circumstances change, even if that is down the road a bit.  Here’s a little bit of information about what to expect if you work with a recruiter.

In most cases, the recruiter called you because he or she thought your background and experience would be a good match for the open position with their employer client.  By way of explanation, instead of advertising open positions through traditional means, employers sometimes use recruiters to help them find the best candidates. As a result, recruiters often have access to new jobs and inside information.  Accordingly, it’s a good idea to build relationships with recruiters, since it can lead to opportunities you might not know about otherwise.

A good recruiter maintains a good relationships with both employers and with candidates.  Indeed, candidates are among recruiters most valued resources.  Although all good recruiters want to help candidates find their dream positions, recruiters are paid by the employers.  Thus, because recruiters work closely with employers, as well as candidates, the recruiter’s job is to find the candidate who is the best fit for the position.

A good strategy is to be proactive about working with recruiters. That means seeking them out and making a connection with them, whenever you can. You can tap into your own network to do so, either by asking colleagues and/or co-workers about recruiters they know or by reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn, or, of course, investigating further, if a recruiter reaches out to you.

Below are three important things to keep in mind about working with recruiters:

  1. Contacting a recruiter does not necessarily lead directly to a great employment opportunity; it’s simply the beginning of what hopefully will be a mutually beneficial relationship.
  2. A recruiter may not be able to look for an opening specifically for you. In many cases, the can.  However, sometimes, they cannot.  Remember, recruiters are hired to find the best match for open position.
  3. Once you contact a recruiter, doing so does not “get you off the hook” when it comes to your job search. While the recruiter will let you know when you’re a potential fit for a particular position, you can and should still seek out opportunities independently.  In that endeavor, a recruiter can help you as well.  Don’t forget to ask!

When communicating with an executive recruiter, be clear about the things you’re seeking, both in a new job and in your career. Above all, be honest and forthright about everything, including your background, credentials, and qualifications.

Recruiters will select candidates based upon how well they match up to the requirements of the employer’s open position in terms of skills and experience.  So what can you expect from a recruiter when you first start your relationship? These four things, for starters:

  1. A recruiter will spend time to learn about you and your job search and career goals.
  2. A recruiter will be able to answer your questions about the state of the current job market.
  3. A recruiter will ask for your permission to send out your resume and present you to an employer.
  4. A recruiter will provide you with advice regarding your job search and/or career.

However, depending on their schedule and the time of year, the recruiter may be able to offer extensive job coaching sessions or one-on-one resume review conferences. However, they only have so much time, and once the employer hires them to fill their open position, the clock is ticking.

In another blog post, we’ll examine what to expect from the recruiter once you become part of the interview process.


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