Arghh! I’m An Accountant and I Got Laid Off – What Do I Do to Get Back On Track?

Arghh! I’m An Accountant and I Got Laid Off – What Do I Do to Get Back On Track?

Getting laid off is an unexpected situation, to say the least. However, this experience does not have to be a negative one and, once the “bad” part of the information is processed, you should be able to present it to future employers as a positive. How? You can use a layoff as a much-needed break for personal growth and reflection. Further, in coming to terms with the layoff and presenting it positively during future interviews, a layoff can teach you how to work well under pressure and to use careful wording so that you only showcase the best side of yourself.

So, what to do first?

#1 – Be Positive and Regain Self-Confidence

For many individuals who have experienced a layoff, the most difficult challenge is usually regaining their self-confidence. A layoff is an unexpected setback but there are ways to help you feel better about yourself.

One method in order to have good self-esteem is to draw up a list of 25 of your greatest achievements. If necessary, ask your family and friends for aid. Narrow this list down to seven accomplishments and rank them based upon the ones that you adore the most. This ultimate ranking of your proud moments will make your aspirations and skills crystal clear to you (Adams).

#2 – Update Your Candidate Materials

Further, once you have processed the disappointing news that your employment has now ended, and using the information you pulled together in step 1, update your online presence.  Your LinkedIn network should be aware of this change and possibly your Facebook friends, only if you have many professionals as your friends.

The “Current” section of your LinkedIn profile (where you would generally write out your present-day job position) can become very useful in this sort of situation. According to Krista Canfield, a spokesperson for LinkedIn, it is advisable to identify yourself and add a short description of the work that is preferable for you. One sentence that you can put in the current section can go along the lines of this: “Licensed CPA seeking consulting opportunities.”

#3 – Stay Involved in Your Network and Community

Lastly, many people make the mistake of focusing only on their job search after a layoff, to the detriment of all other aspects of their life and personality.  It’s important that you don’t do this.  Instead, stay connected to friends.  Talk about your situation positively with the hope that someone in your network might know of a position that would be perfect for you.  Even if your friends or direct connections do not have job for you, those friends may be able to connect you to that next person who does have that position!

Also, be sure to pick up some volunteer work, get a part-time job, look into some accounting certifications, and/or participate in continuing education classes to further your accounting knowledge.

Employers will want to see that you are taking advantage of your downtime, searching for more knowledge, and making the world slightly better by helping others. You should impress potential employers by your ability to make the best out of an unfortunate situation.

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