Avoid Terrible Career Advice From Your Family

The 2 Big Reasons Why Your Loved Ones Give You Terrible Career Advice For most of us, our first experience with career advice comes from one source: our parents. As we go through life, the people who have the most interest in the direction we take with our careers continue to be those who are closest to us, like our significant others, friends, mentors, and professors. Yet, in my experience as a career coach, I can tell you that the … Continued

Get The Job!! Avoid These Interview Mistakes!!

16 Job Interview Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make According to at least one recruitment expert, it takes, on average, 14 initial interviews to eventually get a job offer. One major reason for the high number of interviews is that most candidates typically make several common mistakes. These are the blunders that happen in so many interviews that they “contaminate” any chance of getting hired. Yet, all of these typical and common mistakes have one thing in common – they … Continued

Help!! How Can I Make My Emails More Professional?!?!

5 Email Mistakes that Make You Look Really Unprofessional A new problem of our super tech-savvy world is email communication. When do we send them? How often? And, most worrisome of all, what do we say? Studies show that the average employee spends about 25 percent of each workday simply sorting through, responding to, and creating their email messages. Yet, despite all the time we spend writing electronic notes, very few people actually know how to send good emails. In … Continued

I Can’t Cope!! How Do I Turn A Bad Day Around?!?!

Having a Bad Day? Here Are 3 Ways to Help You Cope It only takes one bad day to derail you for the entire workweek, and unfortunately, they seem to crop up at the most inopportune times, like when you have a million project deadlines and other stressful things going on. If you happen to be having “one of those days,” then here are some ways you can change things around and make today a positive and productive one. 1. … Continued

I Want To Advance!! How Do I Get A Promotion?

Working Hard Isn’t Enough: 4 Ways to Score a Promotion That said, you should not rely on your manager to help you get promoted. She is concerned with her own advancement in the company, and her staff’s job is to do their work well to make her look good for that very purpose. Think of making your own progression happen as part of your day-to-day job, and there’s only one person who can help you bring it to fruition: you. … Continued