I’m Working With Associates, How Do I Evaluate Them?

The Most Effective Way to Give Your Employees Feedback No one can perform better without feedback. In fact you could argue that giving great feedback is a leader’s most important job. So we give it — sometimes with great results, sometimes not so much. But there’s one phrase you can use that will instantly improve the impact of the feedback you give — whether the actual feedback is positive or negative. The following comes from Daniel Coyle, author of The … Continued

I Just Graduated From College And I’m Looking For A Job! What Do I Do?

4 Misconceptions About Getting a Job After College Dialogues with college seniors in the midst of trying to figure out “what comes next” often reveal a disconnect between student life and launching a successful career. It’s easy to empathize with the cry, “I can get an A in my senior seminar but I don’t have a clue about how to get a job.” Ideally, colleges and universities would fund career services departments with a full complement of savvy professionals. However, … Continued

I Work Hard And Want A Promotion — How Do I Get It?

How to Make Yourself More Promotable Want to move up the ladder? Whether you’ve been holding down the same position for a while, you’re noticing internal shuffling or you just want to make yourself an irreplaceable employee from the get-go, you might need to take matters into your own hands. If you want to advance your career, use the tips below to make yourself more promotable.  1. Put the Company First. Remember that not everything is about you. If you … Continued

Are You Looking For A Job? If So, Be Careful!!

Job Seekers, Dodge These 4 Avoidable Errors Whenever you are rooting for your favorite sports team, nothing makes your heart sink more than when it loses due to its own ineptitude, fumbles or unforced errors. Too often, people also fail to progress in their job search because they self-destruct, even when they would be quite capable of being successful in the job they seek. When you are searching for your next job, be careful not to sideline your efforts by … Continued