Help!! It’s My First Job!! What Do I Do To Get Ahead?

11 Life Lessons Every Professional Should Know (Before It’s Too Late) 80,000 hours. That’s how long you can expect to work over the course of your lifetime. I’m personally well on my way, approaching the 35,000-hour mark by now. I’ve had a long and winding career path. First, in the accounting department of an airline. Then, at an investment bank. Finally, I spent about 14 years at Microsoft. Now, I’m an entrepreneur and career coach. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about … Continued

Be A Leader!! Create An Inclusive Team!!

The 5 Things All Inclusive Leaders Do Every Single Day Truth:  Work may be the only place you regularly have to get along with people you might not otherwise choose to interact with. In fact, as you read this, it’s likely you pictured a certain person in your head. Be An Inclusive Leader! But that’s one of the reasons why being an inclusive leader is so important. If no one’s setting the example on your team, it becomes far too easy for … Continued

How Do I Get My Interviewer To Like Me?

4 Small Talk Tips That’ll Instantly Make Your Interviewer Like You More You have a job interview fast approaching, and that jittery feeling is already brewing in the pit of your stomach. Sure, there’s plenty to be nervous about. You’re worried about being able to make it to the office on time without getting lost or stuck in traffic. You’re anxiously preparing answers to common interview questions so you can knock your responses out of the park. You’ve researched the company relentlessly, … Continued

Use Google To Organize Your Life!!

9 Underrated Google Tools You’re Missing Out On Obviously you know how to use Google. In fact, I’d bet that it’s the first place you go when you have a question on, hm, anything. So while I don’t have to sell you on the benefits, I do want to tell you about nine lesser-known gems. They’ll completely change the way you work, interact, and get organized, even if you have the “perfect” system already. 1. Sync Your Email Accounts With Gmailify Do … Continued

Can The Interviewer Ask That Question?!?!

3 Interview Questions That’ll Catch You Off Guard (Because They Shouldn’t Be Asked) On my first day as a recruiter, my boss handed a list of things that I was not allowed to say to a candidate. “Seriously, asking these questions can get us in legal trouble,” my boss said. “And while I don’t think you’d actually say any of them, I’d have to fire you if you did.” Some of the lines on the list were so obviously off-limits, … Continued

I Don’t Think I Belong Here . . .

3 Ways You’re Letting Your Imposter Syndrome Sabotage Your Career You’re the first one into the office every day, bring in the most new business, and command more praise from managers than any of your colleagues. So why do you feel this overwhelming fear of not being as smart, as talented or as deserving as co-workers think? This nagging worry of being “found out” as a fraud is known as Impostor Syndrome, and you’re far from alone in feeling its effects. Aside from narcissists and sociopaths, … Continued

I Need A New Job — How Do I Kick-Off My Job Search?

7 Statements That’ll Motivate You to Finally Kick Off Your Job Search I have a lot of friends who don’t like their jobs—whether it’s because they don’t get along with their boss, or they’re not motivated by the work they’re doing, or because they simply don’t feel challenged. Those same friends, however, don’t really do anything about it. They’ll vent for months, but they’ll also say they’re not miserable enough to spend the time finding out their next step. So, … Continued

Help!! A Team-Member Is Dragging Me Down!! What Do I Do?!?!

Your 3-Step Plan for Dealing With a Lazy Co-worker Who’s Dragging You Down In an ideal world, your colleagues would all be hard workers who you can enjoy the occasional happy hour with. They’re also (hopefully) people you can count on to get their jobs done. After all, they (probably) wouldn’t be employed if they just sat around all day. But what are you supposed to do when you can’t get that person next to you to follow through on … Continued

I Never Get Enough Sleep!!

3 Excuses You Make for Not Getting Enough Sleep (and Why They’re All Wrong) I’m the queen of blaming everyone but myself for not sleeping enough:  My mom called and kept me up late chatting, that extra coffee trip with a co-worker at 4 PM made falling asleep impossible, that one episode turned into five because the plot just kept getting better. But the truth is, I have all the control when it comes to my habits. I choose not to listen to the people, … Continued

You Too Can Remain Engaged In Your Job!!

4 Things People Who Truly Enjoy Their Work Do Differently While it’s true that terrible jobs are often directly related to a horrible boss or boring, tedious work , things that can be hard to problem-solve, many people have found a way to enjoy what they do in spite of a few outstanding negatives. A recent study showed that 49.6% of people enjoy their jobs. Even though almost half of employees like their jobs, if you’re part of the 50.4% of people who don’t, it can … Continued