Help! What Do I Do If I Call Someone By The Wrong Name When Interviewing Or Networking?

Help!  What Do I Do If I Call Someone By The Wrong Name When Interviewing Or Networking?

Are you interviewing?  Do you have a networking event coming up?  Are you afraid you might call someone by the wrong name in an interview or when you are networking?  Have you ever made a mistake?

Here’s the thing about calling someone by the wrong name when you are networking or in an interview. No insult is ever intended; no one is hurt. Yet people respond dramatically when they are called the wrong name or, worse, their name is mispronounced. How dare you!

Put your embarrassment and public humiliation aside and save face. Here are some perfect words to use to help you recover from this embarrassing situation gracefully and get the job or add a new person to your network!

  • “Sorry, you must remind me of someone with that name.”
  • “I’m really bad with names, but I remember your face and our previous conversations.”
  • “Thanks! I don’t know why I got confused.”

When mispronouncing someone’s name in public:

  • “Can you say the correct pronunciation again, so I’m sure to get it right next time?”
  • “I had no idea. Thank you for telling me.”
  • “How do you say your name? I want to be accurate.”

So, the next time you think to yourself, “Help!  What Do I Do If I Call Someone By The Wrong Name When Interviewing Or Networking?” remember these steps.  Even if you want to crawl into a hole after calling someone by the wrong name, take a deep breath and remember the above super simple phrases. Using them will not only ease the situation, it will show the person respect and courtesy – and that’s always a good thing.  With ease and grace, you can recover, win the job during your interview, or earn a new contact for your network when you are networking.

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