Career Advice: 11 Steps To Help Secure Your Job in 2017

Secure Your Job in 2017

There is no such thing as guaranteed employer stability in today’s world.  Although the economy has improved significantly since 2007, it can still be tumultuous.  And, when companies face an uneasy economy, layoffs can occur.  If you sense layoffs are looming with your organization, follow these steps to improve your long-term outlook.

  1. Come to work early and stay late. This illustrates, like as nothing else, that you are trying. The additional time empowers you to arrange your day and accomplish all of your tasks. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to learn more about your department and your organization, the company concerns, and even befriend your manager.  The more you know about the company, the “safer” you will be.
  1. Tackle additional assignments with a can-do state of mind. Volunteer to help other people with their work.
  1. Understand that resources, perhaps once easily accessible, are most likely now harder to find. In that situation, when you need to learn to accomplish more with less. Be an answer and a solution, not an issue.
  1. Leave your personal issues at home when you come to work. Your manager and your co-workers do not want to hear about your issues, which may become a distraction if they are your focus at your work.  Instead, concentrate on work issues and being the best employee that you can be.
  1. Meet due dates. Keep focused and keep your promises. On the off chance that you can’t meet a deadline, let your manager know in advance and clarify why.  Offer other options to complete the project.
  1. Don’t complain. Try not to grumble about your workload, particularly to your manager.  Be positive.
  1. Try not to criticize your manager, your boss or your partners. Understand that they are under incredible pressure at work. Be understanding and stay focused on your own tasks.
  1. Learn your business and the metrics your manager needs to meet. Know where you and your department and title fit in. In understanding corporate strategy and goals, you can help meet those challenges.
  1. Keep up and grow your system of contacts in and out of your company. Stay tuned with the latest information … just in the event that things turn out badly.
  1. Learn new skills that will enhance your position and set you up for a potential promotion.
  1. Make certain your manager knows you are committed to the company. Your supervisor should know about your achievements. On the off chance that your boss hasn’t given you an evaluation, request an opportunity to talk about your achievements and your professional objectives with your manager, so that the information is clear.

These 11 tips can assist guarantee with solidifying your career position in great and not so great times.

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