How to Get an AmLaw 100 Law Firm Job After Graduation

It’s no secret that the legal market can be cutthroat and unpredictable. As numerous law schools across the country continue to churn out more lawyers than there are jobs, ambitious law students are forced to compete for a frightfully small number of desirable jobs, especially for those at top law firms. As a result, landing a Big Law job depends upon several unique factors: the reputation and quality of your institution’s legal education, your performance in said education, your summer … Continued

Labor (Management-Side) Law

Labor (Management-Side) Law What is Labor (Management-Side) Law? Labor law is the legal practice area which defines the relationship between employer and employees and employers and employees’ rights and responsibilities at a federal, state and local level.  Issues in this area often involve union and traditional labor law, worker’s compensation, fair labor standard, occupational and workplace safety, wages and hour law, employee benefits, and other related areas. What does a Management-Side Labor Law Attorney do? Collective Bargaining Collective bargaining is … Continued

Business Organization (Corporate) Law

Business Organization (Corporate) Law What Is Business Organization (Corporate) Law? Broadly, business organization (corporate) law is the field of law that addresses the various ways a business owner can legally form a business under each states’ laws.  Under state law, a business owner will form his or her company to best meet the corporate needs.  The different types of business formation can include: partnerships, corporations, partnerships, S corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs).  Business organization law covers topics such as … Continued