To Merge or Not to Merge?

To Merge or Not to Merge? The “one-percenters” that we are hearing so much about in this year’s primary election campaigns also have an analogous place in current law firm economics. The rich are getting richer, and most others are struggling to hold their own. Thus the law firm surveys tell us that the industry is growing, but that much of the growth is concentrated at the top, largest firms. The great majority of the AmLaw 200, we are told … Continued

Business Organization (Corporate) Law

Business Organization (Corporate) Law What Is Business Organization (Corporate) Law? Broadly, business organization (corporate) law is the field of law that addresses the various ways a business owner can legally form a business under each states’ laws.  Under state law, a business owner will form his or her company to best meet the corporate needs.  The different types of business formation can include: partnerships, corporations, partnerships, S corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs).  Business organization law covers topics such as … Continued

I Think I Want To Be A Law Firm Partner . . .

Women Law Firm Associates: How To Manage Your Career to Partnership! While there is certainly still progress to be made—with gender pay gaps and barriers to promotion—women generally have come a long way in the practice of law, according to the National Association of Women Lawyer’s “Report of the Eight Annual NAWL National Survey of Law Firms”. In this article, we look at some ways that women can further their success and manage a career to partnership with power and … Continued

I Have Interviews With Two Prestigious Law Firms. How Do I Compare Law Firm Associate Professional Development Best Practices?

How Do I Compare Law Firm Associate Professional Development Best Practices? Law firm associate professional development programs and their successes and best practices are important from the perspective of both the law firm associates and the law firm itself.  As we will see below, after graduation, a law school student is typically looking for a law firm where he or she can build his or her career.  As a part of determining which law firm is the best fit and … Continued