I Need To Update My Resume — What Do I Do?

How to Update Your Resume Based on What You’ve Done and Where You Want to Go Out with the old, in with the new is a great approach when you’re cleaning out your fridge, but it doesn’t always work when you’re updating your resume. Why? Cutting old jobs and adding recent positions keeps your career timeline fresh, but it doesn’t allow you to shape your career story in light of where you’re headed right now. So, if you’re ready to … Continued

I’m Being Bullied In The Office! What Do I Do?

An Important Read if You Feel Like Your Office Operates Like a High School (Bullies and All) Cliques, gossiping, and backstabbing. We assume that these are the unfortunate realities we deal with in school, but then thankfully leave behind when we graduate. But for many of us that’s not the case. As someone who works with girls and women on these issues, I’ve lost count of the women who have shared stories of workplace bullying with me. Here are some … Continued

I Think My Resume Keeps Ending Up In Recycling? Why?

9 Reasons Your Resume Keeps Ending Up on the Bottom of the Pile Sending in application after application can get frustrating quickly, especially if you’re not receiving any requests for an interview. Is it simply that every job opening is ridiculously competitive, or are you doing something wrong? Yes, it’s often the former, but it’s also probably time to go over your materials with a fine-tooth comb. Below are nine common resume mistakes job seekers make that keep them from … Continued

Up Your Professionalism!!

3 Subtle Ways You’re Making Yourself Look Amateur to Other Professionals I help people nail their branding—it’s what I love to do, and I’ve helped hundreds of professionals get their message right. The thing is, it doesn’t matter if I’m chatting with a freshly-hatched graduate or an executive of 20 years: Everybody has a blind spot. An area where they’re not “talking the talk.” And yes, this still matters even if you’re not in the heat of a major career … Continued

Career Advice: 11 Steps To Help Secure Your Job in 2017

Secure Your Job in 2017 There is no such thing as guaranteed employer stability in today’s world.  Although the economy has improved significantly since 2007, it can still be tumultuous.  And, when companies face an uneasy economy, layoffs can occur.  If you sense layoffs are looming with your organization, follow these steps to improve your long-term outlook. Come to work early and stay late. This illustrates, like as nothing else, that you are trying. The additional time empowers you to … Continued

Do I Say “Like” Too Much? How Do I Improve My Office Communication Skills?

This One Word’s Killing Your Credibility at Work—Here’s How to Stop Saying It “Hey, can I give you some quick feedback about that meeting?” my co-worker asked. We’d just walked out of a particularly discussion-heavy session, and since I’d made a couple great points, I figured she was about to praise them. “Sure!” I said. “You had some good contributions…” she began, “but you really need to stop saying ‘like.’ It’s totally undermining your credibility.” I sighed. My “like” problem … Continued

Help!! Are There Any Typos In My Resume?

3 Questions to Ask a Friend Editing Your Resume Besides “Are There Any Typos?”  Not only is your resume essentially your career summed up on one page, it’s also your ticket to your next awesome opportunity. So, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. With that in mind, it probably doesn’t take too much convincing that it’s a good idea to have an extra set of eyes look over it to make sure it’s in tip-top shape before you use … Continued

I Blew It! My Interview Went South!! Misery Loves Company And Other Stories Of Bad Interviews

64 Job Interview Horror Stories That’ll Remind You it Could Always Be Worse Maybe you went the entire interview with spinach stuck in between your two front teeth. Maybe you showed up 20 minutes late after getting stuck in traffic. Or maybe you just really didn’t mesh well with your hiring manager. No matter what happened, I can promise you that a subpar job interview isn’t the end of the world. It’s also probably not as bad as you’re imagining. … Continued

Help!! I Have A Job Interview And Don’t Know What To Do To Land The Job?!?!

4 Little-Known Facts About the Interview Process—and How to Use Them to Your Benefit You landed the job interview. (High-fives and fist bumps all around, for real.) Now it’s time to prepare. And one of the best ways to do this is to first understand how the game works, and what’s going on behind the scenes through the process. Because once you “get” the game, you’re going to be in the best position to strategize. And, believe me when I … Continued

What To Do When Nothing Is Going Your Way Professionally Or Personally

10 Smart Moves to Make When Nothing’s Going Right in Your Life In the Army, I taught an introductory course on what to do if you became a prisoner of war. I’d start by saying that I hoped this would be the least relevant course the students ever took. That’s my hope here too—although the truth is, things fall apart in people’s lives all the time. Maybe it’s a relationship, a job, a business—something that makes up the bedrock you’re … Continued