How To Chart Your Own Career Path!!

3 Things You Need to Do if You’re Unsure About the Path You’re Currently On Four years into my career, I still feel somewhat awkward when someone calls me “professor.” Why? Well, because I never imagined being here. By most accounts, I’m not your everyday college professor. I didn’t spend years in a relentless pursuit of my position. Quite the opposite, in fact: I consider myself to be the accidental academic. It sounds bizarre, but like so many young, black … Continued

Not Getting the Job? Here are 5 Reasons Why…

Not Getting the Job? Here are 5 Reasons Why… You’ve managed to get your foot in the door and land some interviews — maybe even a second or third round of interviews — then silence. You’ve lost the job to someone else. You’re left to beat yourself up over what you did wrong. The good news: You’re obviously a great candidate with a great resume. You are getting yourself in the door — often the biggest hurdle in a job … Continued

8 Books To Help You Find A Better Job

8 Books To Help You Find A Better Job Do you feel stuck at your job—or on your job search?  Or, are you looking for some insight on how to get out of your slump? Perhaps you want to learn how to be a better employee or how to get the most out of you job. Or, maybe you simply have some spare time and want to spend it somewhat productively, curled up with a good book that leaves you … Continued

Competitive Intelligence Is Critical for Associate Professional Development

How Being in the Know Will Help Your Career Development … Competitive intelligence (CI) is a relatively new phenomenon in law firms, with the discipline growing rapidly within the last five to 10 years. In broad terms, CI is any actionable information that can help an entity compete more effectively. It is much more than data collection. Information must be actionable; used in some way to make a decision or to even ask more questions. Law firms use CI to … Continued

How to Hire the Right Person for Your Law Firm or Company!

How to Make Great Hiring Decisions! As a law firm or an employer, it is crucial to get the best employees that you possibly can for your organization. These individuals ensure value-driven customer service, are the face of your company, and help ensure that day-to-day tasks are completed effectively. For this reason, when you hire your attorneys and employees, you should be looking for a great fit. Often, however, law firms and employers have trouble making that determination.  Indeed, the … Continued

How Long Do You Think Hiring Managers Have to Review Your Resume?

6 Seconds — Does Yours Have What Employers Want? First impressions are incredibly important. After all, you have only one chance to truly either dazzle someone or send to them walking. This is especially the case when it comes to your resume. The truth is that recruiters and employers often get dozens to hundreds, maybe even thousands, of applications for just one position. This means that, realistically, recruiters and employers do not have time to read every resume as thoroughly as … Continued

5 Self-Limiting Habits That May Be Holding You Back

5 Self-Limiting Habits That May Be Holding You Back:  Are You Standing in the Way of Your Own Success?   No matter your definition of success — wealth, job security, happiness — waking up in the morning and loving what you do does not depend on who employs you. It depends on your mindset; your habits and behaviors. Your ability to think, react, interrelate, problem solve, and lead are big factors in your forward momentum. Any inkling of doubt, insecurity, … Continued

Happy New Year 2016!!!

Happy New Year 2016!!!  Happy New Year 2016!!!  From all of us here at Lexacount Search, we hope that the new year will bring a fresh start and a host of new opportunities for personal fulfillment!  Wishing you and your family health, wealth, peace, happiness and a prosperous 2016. This year, we will continue to share career opportunities and professional development information here. If you have any questions about your career and/or professional development or are looking for a new … Continued

Have an Interview? How to Connect With Key Decision-Makers During Your Interview

How to Connect With Key Decision-Makers During Your Interview! You’ve made it past the first step – you perfected your elevator pitch, you advanced past the phone screen and the initial introductory interview.  Now, you have the big interview!  You have the interview with the key decision-makers.  You are close to the finish line!!  In this interview you will be meeting with the people with whom you will be working and the people who will make the final hiring decisions.  … Continued

Should You Double Down On Your End of Year Job Search Activities: What You Should Be Doing Now!

Should You Double Down On Your End of Year Job Search Activities?  What You Should Be Doing Now! As we all know, any job search can be very stressful!  With each search you undertake, there are a host of stressors—fear that you will not be able to stand out against your competition, fear that you will not find your dream job, anxiety over making an income that can adequately support you and so on. And, to make matters worse, the … Continued