Career Advice: 11 Steps To Help Secure Your Job in 2017

Secure Your Job in 2017 There is no such thing as guaranteed employer stability in today’s world.  Although the economy has improved significantly since 2007, it can still be tumultuous.  And, when companies face an uneasy economy, layoffs can occur.  If you sense layoffs are looming with your organization, follow these steps to improve your long-term outlook. Come to work early and stay late. This illustrates, like as nothing else, that you are trying. The additional time empowers you to … Continued

Reading the Tea Leaves . . .

How to Predict Your Career Future! The future can be intimidating. When it comes to our careers, most of us try to concern ourselves just with what is happening now. We tell ourselves that we can worry about the future as it comes, perhaps out of blind optimism, maybe out of avoidance. Unfortunately, if you want to be smart about your career and plan your next step accordingly, strategically, you should think about the future now. In this post, we … Continued

8 Books To Help You Find A Better Job

8 Books To Help You Find A Better Job Do you feel stuck at your job—or on your job search?  Or, are you looking for some insight on how to get out of your slump? Perhaps you want to learn how to be a better employee or how to get the most out of you job. Or, maybe you simply have some spare time and want to spend it somewhat productively, curled up with a good book that leaves you … Continued

Could You Work Abroad?

Are You Seeking an International Professional Experience? Does the idea of practicing law abroad excite you, make you eager to work and immerse yourself in the customs and cultures of an unfamiliar but exciting setting? Or, are you more comfortable with the familiarity of home and do not see yourself changing your work environment so drastically any time soon? Perhaps you are somewhere in the middle or are not sure where you stand at all. Practicing law abroad sounds rewarding … Continued

How Can Law Firms Keep Great Associates?

How Can Law Firms Keep Great Associates? Firms around the world constantly struggle to find and keep great associates. The shortage is particularly common in popular practice areas such as mergers and acquisitions, trademark, copyright, and patent prosecution. A lot of professionals have a mechanistic view of people as being interchangeable, when they should view people more organically. An organic view of people is far more accurate as firms are seen as integrated systems — and likely to make you … Continued

Litigation Funding: Is There a New Trend?

What Does Litigation Funding Mean to the Legal Industry? Litigation Funding. While you may be familiar with the term, you might not understand how it affects you and your career as an aspiring attorney—at least directly. After all, how does someone else’s need for financial assistance in pursuing a lawsuit in any way relate to your personal career ambitions? And what does this litigation funding mean to the wellbeing of the legal industry, both presently and looking forward?  Here, we … Continued

Are You An Investment Banker? Are You Looking for a New Firm?

Here Are the 50 Best Banks! As an investment banker, your job is hard enough. You do not need to work under unreasonable circumstance.  If you find yourself somewhere that is difficult or challenging, you may want to make a lateral move.  If you are considering making a move, as you evaluate your options, consider this list which ranks the “50 Best Banks.” Every year, Vault announces its Banking 50, which is a listing of the greatest Northern American banking … Continued

Looking for a New Job? Are You Looking in the Best Geographic Region?

Looking for a New Job? Are You Looking in the Correct Geographic Region? Finding the right job—especially in an industry as crowded and competitive as the legal market—requires several factors all at once to work in your favor. These factors include education and credentials, “fit” for the jobs for which you are applying, and even a whole lot of luck. But, the successful job search goes beyond even this; perhaps, if you have been searching for months on end for … Continued

Interested in Private Equity? How to Land Your Dream Job

Land Your Dream Job in Private Equity So, you want to get into private equity? As any job recruiter will tell you — that isn’t a small feat. It takes hard work, plenty of schooling, and NETWORKING to get your foot in the door at a private equity firm. Just ask Samuel Smith, an analyst at a PE firm that specializes in the energy sector. In an interview with, Smith says he’s living proof that landing a coveted PE … Continued

How to Hire the Right Person for Your Law Firm or Company!

How to Make Great Hiring Decisions! As a law firm or an employer, it is crucial to get the best employees that you possibly can for your organization. These individuals ensure value-driven customer service, are the face of your company, and help ensure that day-to-day tasks are completed effectively. For this reason, when you hire your attorneys and employees, you should be looking for a great fit. Often, however, law firms and employers have trouble making that determination.  Indeed, the … Continued