I Think My Resume Keeps Ending Up In Recycling? Why?

9 Reasons Your Resume Keeps Ending Up on the Bottom of the Pile Sending in application after application can get frustrating quickly, especially if you’re not receiving any requests for an interview. Is it simply that every job opening is ridiculously competitive, or are you doing something wrong? Yes, it’s often the former, but it’s also probably time to go over your materials with a fine-tooth comb. Below are nine common resume mistakes job seekers make that keep them from … Continued

Up Your Professionalism!!

3 Subtle Ways You’re Making Yourself Look Amateur to Other Professionals I help people nail their branding—it’s what I love to do, and I’ve helped hundreds of professionals get their message right. The thing is, it doesn’t matter if I’m chatting with a freshly-hatched graduate or an executive of 20 years: Everybody has a blind spot. An area where they’re not “talking the talk.” And yes, this still matters even if you’re not in the heat of a major career … Continued

Help!! I’m So Disorganized!! How Can I Make My Day Better!

4 Basic Organization Moves You Can Make Today So That Tomorrow’s More Productive Take a glance at your desk. If you’re like, well, everyone, you’ve got a few stacks of paper, a cup jammed with pens, and some leftover lunch keeping you company as you work. Open a drawer and there’s a dusty collection of business cards stuck next to menus and a stapler (so that’s where the stapler went). Look underneath and you’ll probably spot a broken umbrella and … Continued

I Have A New Job And Want to Be a Good Team Member. What Should I Not Do?

9 Everyday Habits That’ll Earn You a Pretty Bad Reputation Around the Office With the year well under way, this is an excellent time to expunge work habits that irritate coworkers and make you less effective. Here are nine habits you can do without, starting now: 1. Doing the Bare Minimum If you accept a task, you owe it to yourself and to others to make your best effort. If you don’t want to do something, have the courage to … Continued

How to Translate Your Official Job Offer From Legal Jargon to English

How to Translate Your Official Job Offer From Legal Jargon to English This is it! You’ve arrived at the enviable offer-letter point of the job search. After receiving a verbal confirmation, you expressed your interest and asked for the actual offer in writing because you’re smart and know that’s what you’re supposed to do. Before you know it, you’re scrolling through pages upon pages of copy, and wearily, having barely read a whole paragraph, you are prepared to sign. But wait! … Continued

How Do I Use Social Media To Improve My Career Prospects?

10 Ways to Use Social Media for Your Career—Not Just for Killing Time We all love using social media: bragging about our cooking skills on Instagram, updating friends on our winter getaways on Facebook, sharing our internal dialogue on Twitter. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it keeps us entertained when we’re bored.     But what we always forget is that social media is one of the best tools for your career, too. It’s great for advertising your personal brand, … Continued

Help!! I’m Bad At Networking And Don’t Know What To Say To New People. How Do I Improve?

4 Questions People Will Be More Excited to Answer Than “What Do You Do?” You’re at a social gathering or conference, you catch eyes with a new acquaintance, shake hands, introduce yourself, and then without even thinking about it, blurt out the same, boring networking question you’ve asked hundreds of times before: “So, what do you do?” You go through the motions of answering the question yourself, pushing small talk and later leaving the conversation, not feeling any more connected … Continued

I’m On LinkedIn, But, I’m Not Sure How It Works. How Do I Build My Network?

4 Valid Reasons You Should Accept Those LinkedIn Requests From Strangers I’ll just put it out there—I have a big ol’ mushy spot in my heart reserved for LinkedIn. As a freelance writer, it’s been a great resource for me to not only get connected with new professional contacts, but even land some well-paying projects. So, I can’t help but to be a little surprised when people seem positively disgusted with the fact that I accept LinkedIn requests from complete … Continued

I’m Interviewing With Someone I Know — What Do I Do?

How to Handle Yourself on an Interview When You Know the Hiring Manager (Well) When I first started job searching, I was pretty terrified by the idea of interviewing with someone I knew. I mean, how am I supposed to act? This person is the guy or girl who decides if I get the job—and he or she already knows too much about me (and is probably friends with me on social media). Should I pretend I’ve never met him … Continued

7 Science-Backed Ways to Be Happier—Starting Now

7 Science-Backed Ways to Be Happier—Starting Now Why do we work so hard and get so little in return? Sure, we may be paid well for the work we do, and we may enjoy our co-workers and the work itself. But for most of us, we work harder and longer hours than ever before, believing that by doing so, we’ll find the happiness and success we want in our lives. According to Emma Seppala—science director for Stanford University’s Center for … Continued