Prepare For The Interview!! Win The Job!!!

How to Impress During an Interview! The job interview!  It’s a frightening prospect and a big dilemma!  If you don’t perform well in your interview, you probably won’t get the job; and with such pressure and high stakes, it’s hard to perform well. So what can you do? Luckily, we’ve put together some tips to help you impress during your interview.  Following these steps will ensure that you perform well in any interview, no matter how high the stakes. Before … Continued

Eliminate Your Fear And Doubt — Improve Your Networking!!!

Networking Call To Action Following up is key to starting any successful networking relationship. But the timing and strategy behind your follow up are also essential. Do not be sloppy or negligent in your approach. You want to maintain your professionalism and continue to display a good impression. In your follow up, consider including a direct or meaningful call to action. This not only guarantees a response from the recipient but can also gauge their interest and commitment in doing … Continued

How Do I Work With My Network To Get A Job Referral?!?!

6 Tips on How to Get Job Referrals From Your Network Contacts One of the multiple benefits of leveraging on your personal or professional network as part of your job search efforts is that some of your network contacts may be somehow related to the industry or company of interest and can provide you with useful information and referrals. However, there are times that some contacts, especially those who you do not have a close relationship with, that may be … Continued

I Have A Conference — How Do I Improve My Business Networking Skills?

Business Networking Made Easy After years of networking to win business and meet new contacts I appreciate that the thought of attending business networking events and meeting new people to win business can be very uncomfortable for many people so they simply don’t do it. BUT it doesn’t need to be. Networking is simply about this: Remember that people have 3 fundamental psychological needs To feel loved To feel valued and important To feel that we belong So when meeting … Continued

I’m Traveling So Much, I Don’t Have Time To Network. What Do I Do?

Sky Networker In this day and age, networking can take place practically anywhere, including in the sky. Whether you are a consultant, business person or constantly traveling, you can infuse networking into your daily or weekly agenda. Use opportunities en route to and from the airport, waiting to board the plane or on the plane to mobilize your networking objectives. Listed below are helpful tips on how you can maximize your time and be effective in connecting and building relationship … Continued

What Signals Do You Send In the Office?

What Signals Do You Send In the Office? How do your coworkers perceive you? When you think about this question, do not just think about the quality of work you produce – You have to consider the full package. Obviously, although your work product certainly is important, you should consider some of your more personal qualities—your body language, your attitude, the way you talk and interact with others—and think about how your coworkers might use these things to form an … Continued

Mid-Life Career Shift Strategies — How to Make a Smooth Transition to Your New Position!

Mid-Life Career Shift Strategies! If you are thinking about switching careers at the midpoint of your life, you may be experiencing a range of emotions. On one hand, you are probably excited about the idea of seeking new opportunities and excelling at a new job; however, you still most likely have some understandable concerns. For instance, you may wonder how your younger colleagues may react to having a person well-acquainted with the work world among them. You may even fear … Continued

I’m Interviewing and Don’t know What to Stay When the Interviewer Asks If I Have Questions

Want The Job?  Don’t Ask These Questions! You probably heard that interviewers like it when their applicants ask thoughtful questions and that such eagerness to learn more about the position and the company can work in your favor. While a good question can certainly make you more memorable to an interviewer, it is important to understand that there may be some questions you don’t want to ask when the interviewer comes to the “Is there anything you want to know … Continued

Help!! I’m Scheduled For A Group Interview — How Do I Prepare?

GROUP INTERVIEWS The other day, I received this question from a reader. Has anyone ever heard of a group interview? I am getting conflicting information on this. I was told that it involves the interviewee and several interviewers at one time ………. and also I was told that it involves several interviewees and some interviewers and the interviewees stand up in the front of the interviewers and make their presentation. Does this description sound confusing? I had almost forgotten that … Continued

What Do You Need To Know To Improve Your Resume?!?!

Common Resume Mistakes We work with employers of all sizes – local, national and international companies, Government departments, and educational bodies.  In working with these organizations, we have found that there are some common mistakes job seekers make.  These mistakes could be costing you a interview!!  Fix them now!! Profile Forget the section labelled “Career Objective”.  Latest survey results were very surprising indeed, revealing that 99% of employers want to see a Profile section in your resume and NOT a … Continued