What Do Office Cubes in New York Mean for Law Firm Associates?

What Do Office Cubes in New York Mean for Law Firm Associates? It’s a rare occurrence when a large law firm does something revolutionary when it comes to conducting its business. However, it is very likely that Paul Hastings LLP is about to navigate through the unknown when it shifts its New York offices this spring. In Paul Hastings LLP’s recent midtown Manhattan space, junior attorneys will not receive the offices they probably had hoped for during their time in … Continued

Women Big 4 Accounting Associates – 5 Ways to Chart Your Path to An Accounting Partnership

Navigating Your Way to Professional Success It is a well-known fact that in many professions, men and women do not hold the same top positions, are not paid equally, and do not seem to have the same trappings of outward “success.” And, although there are many industries that provide a basis for the statistic, a major contributor to this problem is the grueling accounting field (which has commonly been perceived as a male-oriented profession). Indeed, why haven’t women “made it” … Continued

How Can Law Firms Keep Great Associates?

How Can Law Firms Keep Great Associates? Firms around the world constantly struggle to find and keep great associates. The shortage is particularly common in popular practice areas such as mergers and acquisitions, trademark, copyright, and patent prosecution. A lot of professionals have a mechanistic view of people as being interchangeable, when they should view people more organically. An organic view of people is far more accurate as firms are seen as integrated systems — and likely to make you … Continued

To Merge or Not to Merge?

To Merge or Not to Merge? The “one-percenters” that we are hearing so much about in this year’s primary election campaigns also have an analogous place in current law firm economics. The rich are getting richer, and most others are struggling to hold their own. Thus the law firm surveys tell us that the industry is growing, but that much of the growth is concentrated at the top, largest firms. The great majority of the AmLaw 200, we are told … Continued

How to Hire the Right Person for Your Law Firm or Company!

How to Make Great Hiring Decisions! As a law firm or an employer, it is crucial to get the best employees that you possibly can for your organization. These individuals ensure value-driven customer service, are the face of your company, and help ensure that day-to-day tasks are completed effectively. For this reason, when you hire your attorneys and employees, you should be looking for a great fit. Often, however, law firms and employers have trouble making that determination.  Indeed, the … Continued

5 Self-Limiting Habits That May Be Holding You Back

5 Self-Limiting Habits That May Be Holding You Back:  Are You Standing in the Way of Your Own Success?   No matter your definition of success — wealth, job security, happiness — waking up in the morning and loving what you do does not depend on who employs you. It depends on your mindset; your habits and behaviors. Your ability to think, react, interrelate, problem solve, and lead are big factors in your forward momentum. Any inkling of doubt, insecurity, … Continued

Reviewing Law Firm Professional Development Programs . . .

Which Type is Right for Your Law Firm? Without a fair understanding of their objectives, breadth, and benefits, professional development programs may seem like “busywork” to newcomers. The truth is, however, is that these programs can offer new and experienced lawyers alike valuable skills that will serve them well throughout their entire career. After all, talented and well-trained lawyers are what keep a firm impressive, competitive, and robust. Professional development programs take many different forms. Which program type is right … Continued

Trending Now: Legal Industry Jobs Update – September 2015

Legal Industry Jobs Update – September 2015 Good news!  Jobs in legal sector increased in September, helping the industry further recover from a down economy.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the legal industry added 4,700 jobs, helping attorneys and other legal professionals gain a strong hold in this economy.  Anecdotally, according to leading legal industry experts, legal positions increased because of an uptick in deal flow. *  *  * Are you an attorney or legal assistant looking … Continued

Trending Now: Law Firm Rankings

What Do The Rankings Mean and Do They Help? Law firm rankings are everywhere and can be confusing. Perhaps to you, they are nothing but daunting lists of numbers that on the surface tell you nothing particularly useful, except maybe which law firms are the best. But, even then you may wonder, what makes them the best, better than any local law firm of which you are aware? And how are such rankings even determined? Do they mean anything to … Continued

Associate Professional Development Programs In Large Law Firms: 5 Features The Best Programs Have

5 Features The Best Programs Have Most law firms are now taking more the initiative to bolster and add more features to their professional development programs.  These programs are in place to develop young associates into attorneys who can be law firm partners.  In the past, the term “law firm professional development” meant briefly providing orientation training to new lawyers so they can possess the necessary legal skills to survive in a firm. Now, however, no longer are these programs … Continued