I Have a Call Back Interview? How Do I Nail It?

How to Present Your Best Self in the Second Round Imagine that you are at home after another long day of sending in job applications and attending interviews. Dinner is quickly approaching and you are debating whether to have food delivered. Suddenly, your phone rings. You glance down at the number on the screen. Your palms begin to sweat, but you know that you have to pick up. You take a deep breath and then answer the call with a … Continued

Help! I Sent My Resume In, But, I Didn’t Receive a Response. Here’s Why You Haven’t Heard Anything!

Help!  I Sent My Resume In, But, I Didn’t Receive a Response.  Here’s Why You Haven’t Heard Anything!    Silence. Perhaps that is the best word to describe employers’ responses to your job search. You have sent your resume out into the void, braving the possibility of rejection, only to hear nothing back at all, not even a faint echo. You might have spent countless nights wondering: what am I doing wrong? Is it me? Here, we will explore some … Continued

Beware!!  Don’t Take This Job . . .

What Are The Signs That This Is the Wrong Job For You?  Are you on the job market?  Are you desperate to find a new job?  Or, perhaps you already have a job and are looking to start anew somewhere to different to gain fresh experience. Whatever the case, you are most likely certainly excited to embark on the journey – but do not be too hasty. Consider carefully what you are looking for in a job, or what you … Continued

Polish Professional Presence with Talking Gestures

How to Prepare for a Phone Interview Did you know people tend to lose 30% of the energy in their voices on the phone? Your body language and facial expressions comprise more than half of your personality, yet the minute you get on the phone, part of it is lost. This can be especially problematic for attorneys who are trying to attract new clients or simply network with a contact.  A phone conversation just isn’t the same as face-to-face interaction. … Continued

Help! I Got an Interview Through a Recruiter – Will She Help Me Get Ready?

What to Expect From Recruiters During the Interview Process Question:  Help! I got an interview through a recruiter with a new company.  I’m not sure what to do next.  Will she help me get ready?  Will she help me prepare for the meeting with the interviewer at the new company? Answer:  The short answer is yes, of course!  Previously, we talked about why it’s important to talk to recruiters when they call and what you might expect from them (“A … Continued

12 Questions You Should Ask During Your Interview

12 Questions You Should Consider Asking During Your Interview Any job interview is NOT a one-way street. In other words, it’s not just the hiring manager and/or recruiter who should be asking questions. You, as the job seeker and potential top candidate for the position, should also be asking questions. And not just basic, standard questions, either . . . but compelling, thought-provoking inquires that illustrate your interest and prove your seriousness. Below are 12 questions you should consider asking … Continued

I Have A Phone Interview — What Do I Do To Prepare?

IMPRESS DURING A PHONE INTERVIEW Preparing for an interview over the phone is primarily a mental exercise, and something that is easy to prepare for. It is the second impression that you will make on a hiring decision maker – the first impression was obviously made for you by your resume and cover letter, and must have been positive, or you would not have this interview appointment. That being the case, it is worth while to prepare for it and … Continued

Help! I Have A Preliminary Interview with A Finance/Accounting Recruiter. What Do I Say?

How to Answer Questions from Your Finance/Accounting Recruiter In another blog post, we addressed “How to Answer General Questions Posed by a Recruiter.” In this post, we’re going to explore questioned posed by an accounting and finance recruiter specifically. Once again, although these are sample answers, when faced with these questions or questions that are similar, you should have an answer prepared that best fits your background and set of circumstances. Below are common answers to questions posed by a … Continued

Q&A: The Advantages of Working with Lexacount Search

Q&A: The Advantages of Working with Lexacount Search Welcome to our series of blog posts about Lexacount Search and how it can help you with your career. In this first entry, we’re going to cover some of the basic advantages and benefits of working with Lexacount Search. We’ll do so with the following question and answer format: Q: What are the advantages of working with Lexacount Search? A: Lexacount is a premier boutique search firm, focusing on permanent placement for … Continued

The Informational Interview: How To Turn It to Your Advantage!

The Informational Interview: How To Turn It to Your Advantage As a law student or a lawyer, your mentors probably tell you to expand your network. Obviously, expanding your network is a good thing and, as a result, you devote a significant amount of time to business development, social networking, volunteer opportunities, and formal gatherings. At these events, you end up talking to a variety of interesting and successful people. Then, once you leave, you hope that your networking will … Continued