Women Big 4 Accounting Associates – 5 Ways to Chart Your Path to An Accounting Partnership

Navigating Your Way to Professional Success It is a well-known fact that in many professions, men and women do not hold the same top positions, are not paid equally, and do not seem to have the same trappings of outward “success.” And, although there are many industries that provide a basis for the statistic, a major contributor to this problem is the grueling accounting field (which has commonly been perceived as a male-oriented profession). Indeed, why haven’t women “made it” … Continued

Interested in Private Equity? How to Land Your Dream Job

Land Your Dream Job in Private Equity So, you want to get into private equity? As any job recruiter will tell you — that isn’t a small feat. It takes hard work, plenty of schooling, and NETWORKING to get your foot in the door at a private equity firm. Just ask Samuel Smith, an analyst at a PE firm that specializes in the energy sector. In an interview with Vault.com, Smith says he’s living proof that landing a coveted PE … Continued

Trending Now: Legal Industry Jobs Update – September 2015

Legal Industry Jobs Update – September 2015 Good news!  Jobs in legal sector increased in September, helping the industry further recover from a down economy.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the legal industry added 4,700 jobs, helping attorneys and other legal professionals gain a strong hold in this economy.  Anecdotally, according to leading legal industry experts, legal positions increased because of an uptick in deal flow. *  *  * Are you an attorney or legal assistant looking … Continued

Associate Professional Development Programs In Large Law Firms: 5 Features The Best Programs Have

5 Features The Best Programs Have Most law firms are now taking more the initiative to bolster and add more features to their professional development programs.  These programs are in place to develop young associates into attorneys who can be law firm partners.  In the past, the term “law firm professional development” meant briefly providing orientation training to new lawyers so they can possess the necessary legal skills to survive in a firm. Now, however, no longer are these programs … Continued

How to Get More Clients!

How to Get More Clients! If you are currently a practicing lawyer, you probably understand how important your clients are to the health of your firm. After all, without your clients, there is no firm, at least not one that is running productively! Not to mention, your job may depend upon generating new clients. Maybe your firm motivates its lawyers to find more clients by offering raises, bonus opportunities or more. Or worse—maybe your job could be at stake if … Continued

Best Practices in Transitioning from Associate to Partner Rainmaker

There is no single success formula for becoming a rainmaker. It takes commitment, diligence, and business development savvy to play the part, and keep it. Successful rainmakers draw on personal strengths to build relationships, market their services, and reign in a pipeline of new business for their firms. Here are a few key strategies associates can use to take their legal careers to the next level. Laser-Focused Business Development Law firm associates who want to make partner must have a … Continued

The #1 Habit of Successful Women Rainmakers

How do women lawyers become successful rainmakers? They habitually use interpersonal marketing to develop strong client relationships and win confidence. Studies show that women are considered to be more trustworthy than men. They’re better communicators, willing to express their feelings and tap into others’ emotions. This especially comes in handy when dealing with clients and learning about their needs. Clients and prospects want to explain their concerns and women lawyers can be highly effectively at giving them focused attention. This … Continued

Ramping Up Your End of Year Job Search!

Ramping Up Your End of Year Job Search!  What You Should Be Doing Now to Land Your Next Position! Are you trying to convince yourself that you need a break from the job search since the holidays are coming up? Well, you shouldn’t, because that is exactly what your competition will be doing.  After all, we have been trained to wait until after the holidays and then start the job search cycle over again in the New Year. Waiting after … Continued

What Millennials Want From Work

If you’re a manager or if you lead a team, you may have surveyed your personnel and thought something similar to the following: “I can figure out the gunners and the super-ambitious types; I know who got the job as a favor to the biggest client; and I can identify the sycophants, the train-wrecks, and the office ‘dinosaurs’ . . . but I can’t figure out the Millennials. What do they want?” If that’s the case, you’re not alone. As … Continued

Think You Might Be Underqualified? Prove You Are NOT and Get The Job!

Think You Might Be Underqualified?  Prove You Are NOT and Get The Job! Sometimes you come across an advertisement for a position that seems like it would suit you perfectly.  As you review it, you know that you have some skills that could be useful, but, you also realize that you may not be completely qualified for the position.  Maybe it asks for some experience that you do not have, or at least not in the quantity asked for or … Continued