Applying For A New Job?? Here’s How To Make Sure Yours Gets Read First!!

Three Tips For Using Electronic Job Applications It is very likely that your next job application, regardless of the industry, will be done electronically. In some ways this makes the process easier, I think, since many find it laborious to fill out paper applications by hand and make sure it gets into the correct hands. Still, there are some issues you can run into with an electronic application that could cause problems if you are not paying attention. 1. Read … Continued

How Do I Revise My Resume To Get The Interview?!?!

Score an Interview by Using Keywords in Your Resume Everyone talks about keywords nowadays when the subject of resumes comes up. They are essential to getting in the door for an interview. If you don’t use them, you’re not showing the employer that you have what they’re looking for, and you’ll likely get passed by. Keywords can be difficult to extract, and you may be asking, “What exactly is considered a keyword? How do I find them? And how do … Continued

Do You Need A Resume Writing Service?

Do You Need A Resume Writing Service? As you navigate how to compose the perfect resume that stands out from the ones submitted by other applicants, you may want to consider hiring a resume writing service. This represents a great way to turn your record of job skills, experiences and past employers into a dynamite document that employers notice right off the bat. Not every resume writing service is the same. Before you hire someone to write your resume for … Continued

Review And Improve Your Resume

How to Make a Perfect CV for Yourself A CV is a very important document or paper that can determine your entire job seeking process. It can make or break your interview process. This makes it all the more important to have a good CV with important information. Useful tips have been explained below. • Always make space for a profile section A profile section is mandatory. For all job seekers a section that is meant for explaining the profile … Continued

Help! I Sent My Resume In, But, I Didn’t Receive a Response. Here’s Why You Haven’t Heard Anything!

Help!  I Sent My Resume In, But, I Didn’t Receive a Response.  Here’s Why You Haven’t Heard Anything!    Silence. Perhaps that is the best word to describe employers’ responses to your job search. You have sent your resume out into the void, braving the possibility of rejection, only to hear nothing back at all, not even a faint echo. You might have spent countless nights wondering: what am I doing wrong? Is it me? Here, we will explore some … Continued

How Do I Achieve Positive Career Change?

Positively Thinking Out of the Box How can one person “think out of the box?” This should be done independently, but how? Here’s an example: Cut a cake into eight slices but you have to make no more than three cuts. Most people will have trouble coming up with a way to cut the cake. But to solve this, you have to change the way you look at the cake and how to cut it. One perfect solution is to … Continued

What Do You Need To Know To Improve Your Resume?!?!

Common Resume Mistakes We work with employers of all sizes – local, national and international companies, Government departments, and educational bodies.  In working with these organizations, we have found that there are some common mistakes job seekers make.  These mistakes could be costing you a interview!!  Fix them now!! Profile Forget the section labelled “Career Objective”.  Latest survey results were very surprising indeed, revealing that 99% of employers want to see a Profile section in your resume and NOT a … Continued