I Need To Update My Resume — What Do I Do?

How to Update Your Resume Based on What You’ve Done and Where You Want to Go Out with the old, in with the new is a great approach when you’re cleaning out your fridge, but it doesn’t always work when you’re updating your resume. Why? Cutting old jobs and adding recent positions keeps your career timeline fresh, but it doesn’t allow you to shape your career story in light of where you’re headed right now. So, if you’re ready to … Continued

I’m Being Bullied In The Office! What Do I Do?

An Important Read if You Feel Like Your Office Operates Like a High School (Bullies and All) Cliques, gossiping, and backstabbing. We assume that these are the unfortunate realities we deal with in school, but then thankfully leave behind when we graduate. But for many of us that’s not the case. As someone who works with girls and women on these issues, I’ve lost count of the women who have shared stories of workplace bullying with me. Here are some … Continued

Help!! I Think I’m Bored At Work!! How Do I Fix It?

3 Inexcusable Mistakes You’re Probably Making if You’re Bored at Work Unless you’re one of the lucky few, at some point you’ll end up in a position that you find to be incredibly boring. And I get it. If you can do your job in your sleep, it can be easy to lose the motivation to do it well. But here’s the thing—even if watching a yule log sounds more appealing than your 9-to-5, there are a few mistakes that … Continued

I Hate My Boss But I Need My Job. How Do I Manage My Bad Boss?

4 Strategies to Try When Your Boss Suggests Something Truly Terrible I was sitting in a meeting with my boss and a few other marketing department colleagues at one of my previous jobs. The purpose of our meeting was to talk over our overall strategy—particularly for social media—and identify if there was anything that could be streamlined and simplified. We were a really small department. So, if there was any way we could save ourselves some time and effort, we … Continued

Improve Your Time Management!! Make It Better!!

I Thought I Had Good Time Management Skills Until I Took This Quiz If you were to say that I could get more done in my day, I’d be a little surprised. I’ve always considered myself a very hardworking person, so you can guess how I might handle being told that I have poor time management skills. (Hint: Not so well.) Of course, there’s more I wish I could do with my time. It’s probably safe to say that, regardless … Continued

Applying For A New Job?? Here’s How To Make Sure Yours Gets Read First!!

Three Tips For Using Electronic Job Applications It is very likely that your next job application, regardless of the industry, will be done electronically. In some ways this makes the process easier, I think, since many find it laborious to fill out paper applications by hand and make sure it gets into the correct hands. Still, there are some issues you can run into with an electronic application that could cause problems if you are not paying attention. 1. Read … Continued

How Do I Revise My Resume To Get The Interview?!?!

Score an Interview by Using Keywords in Your Resume Everyone talks about keywords nowadays when the subject of resumes comes up. They are essential to getting in the door for an interview. If you don’t use them, you’re not showing the employer that you have what they’re looking for, and you’ll likely get passed by. Keywords can be difficult to extract, and you may be asking, “What exactly is considered a keyword? How do I find them? And how do … Continued

I Think My Resume Keeps Ending Up In Recycling? Why?

9 Reasons Your Resume Keeps Ending Up on the Bottom of the Pile Sending in application after application can get frustrating quickly, especially if you’re not receiving any requests for an interview. Is it simply that every job opening is ridiculously competitive, or are you doing something wrong? Yes, it’s often the former, but it’s also probably time to go over your materials with a fine-tooth comb. Below are nine common resume mistakes job seekers make that keep them from … Continued

How to Translate Your Official Job Offer From Legal Jargon to English

How to Translate Your Official Job Offer From Legal Jargon to English This is it! You’ve arrived at the enviable offer-letter point of the job search. After receiving a verbal confirmation, you expressed your interest and asked for the actual offer in writing because you’re smart and know that’s what you’re supposed to do. Before you know it, you’re scrolling through pages upon pages of copy, and wearily, having barely read a whole paragraph, you are prepared to sign. But wait! … Continued

I’m Interviewing With Someone I Know — What Do I Do?

How to Handle Yourself on an Interview When You Know the Hiring Manager (Well) When I first started job searching, I was pretty terrified by the idea of interviewing with someone I knew. I mean, how am I supposed to act? This person is the guy or girl who decides if I get the job—and he or she already knows too much about me (and is probably friends with me on social media). Should I pretend I’ve never met him … Continued