The 4 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making on LinkedIn

The social networking site should be used for hiring, not raising brand awareness. LinkedIn may be the ultimate business social networking site, but that doesn’t mean you know how to use it. For starters, many people use LinkedIn to maintain contact only with people in their professional networks. That means the platform doesn’t lend itself as easily to creating the kind of viral, widely-shared content that brands can craft on Twitter or Facebook. So stop using it to gin up … Continued

Why Women Say “Sorry” and What to Do About It

Why Women Say “Sorry” and What to Do About It Many women often say the words “I’m sorry” in their day-to-day lives. While apologizing is not a bad thing, sometimes there is no apparent reason for them to feel bad and/or the situation is not their fault at all. Many females probably do this because apologies seem to be linked with the idea of politeness. Then, over time, “sorry” becomes a part of their daily vocabulary and they use it … Continued

What Millennials Want From Work

If you’re a manager or if you lead a team, you may have surveyed your personnel and thought something similar to the following: “I can figure out the gunners and the super-ambitious types; I know who got the job as a favor to the biggest client; and I can identify the sycophants, the train-wrecks, and the office ‘dinosaurs’ . . . but I can’t figure out the Millennials. What do they want?” If that’s the case, you’re not alone. As … Continued

Can These Free Social Media Tools Help You Land Your Next Job?

Can These Free Social Media Tools Help You Land Your Next Job? You probably know that social media can be used enrich your job search, but are you making full use of the tools available to you? More importantly, are you aware of all the resources available to you? Surely you are familiar with the top dogs: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and so on; however, there are many other lesser known social media sites and apps that can help make your … Continued

Finding Your Work/Life Balance

  Finding the right balance between work and personal time can be a difficult task for both employers and employees. The truth is a better balance makes for happier the employee. A less stressed, more productive individual is what an employer is looking for and what employees should strive to be.   We live in a “bottom line” society so there must be clear benefits for promoting work/life balance. Employers are looking for steady or improved working results, and employees are looking … Continued

5 Steps to Successful Career Planning – Managing Your Personal Brand

Getting ahead, building a brand, and figuring out what you want from your job are among the important aspects of achieving your career goals. How you present yourself and others’ perceptions of you build your personal brand, which can affect your career. Here are five tips to follow for successful career planning. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses. Before you can successfully plan your career or manage your personal brand, you must determine what you want from career. Is … Continued

Gen Xers & Millennials: 5 Tips for Bridging the Generation Gap

  Generation gaps can create communication and technology conflicts, but they can also increase creativity and bring different perspectives at work. Bringing together different age groups can be challenging. According to the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2011 poll, 47% of younger workers said that older ones were resistant to change, while 33% of older workers complained that younger ones are too informal and lack respect for authority.  Even with those inter-generational challenges, ultimately, you want your team to be … Continued

Four Easy Ways LinkedIn Can Improve Your Job Search

  How can LinkedIn assist in your job search?  There are a number of different ways that LinkedIn can be a crucial part of your new career position.  Found below are four easy ways that LinkedIn can help you on your search for your perfect position! Improve Your Networking: Networking accounts for 80% of mid-to-senior level job offers. LinkedIn was created specifically so you can expand your network. Not only does it allow you to search for companies, but also … Continued

Leveraging Your Network – Using Social Media in Your Job Search

  Finding a new job can be difficult in any economy, and with the current economic conditions, it is even more different.  Today, more than ever before, there is increased competition for every open opportunity a firm or a company posts.  With this in mind, it is very important for any job seeker to use all the resources at one’s disposal to find the perfect job.  One tool many people don’t effectively leverage, however, is social media.  Sites like Facebook, … Continued