Don’t Make These Mistakes in Your Job Search!

Make the Most of Your Recruiter and Your Network When You Find Your Perfect Job

You have been searching for just the right job for months, and at last – after enduring a sea of endless job postings and silent connections, you find it – the position of your dreams! With this new position, the company is both flourishing and inviting, the pay is great, and the job requires just the skills and experiences you can offer! While it may be tempting to jump right into the application process, do not act too hastily. Any resources you have available to you, such as your recruiter or your networking group, can help you bring out the best “you” on your quest to scoring that perfect job. Below are some things you should avoid to improve your chances at making a good impression and getting closer to that job of your dreams.

1.  Having a cluttered, out-of-date, or unspecific resume.

Of course, even with many useful resources at your disposal, the quest for that dream job begins with you. Review your resume to ensure that it accurately and clearly lays out your skills and experience. A precise and well-organized resume shows your recruiter that you are serious and that you have a specific focus, which will help them better aid you in taking the next steps. Beyond this, critically examine the content of your resume. Do you merely describe the duties required of you from past jobs, or are you careful to describe what you accomplished from said jobs? If you focus more on the latter, you show the employer that you do not view your work as a mere series of tasks but as an opportunity to develop skills and further nurture existing ones (Green: “10 Costly Job-Search Mistakes You Have to Stop Making”).

If you are unsure about the strength of your resume, do not just leave it as is and hope for the best. Your recruiter may be able to help you fine-tune points that would better convey your competence and how your skill sets match the position. Your recruiter most likely has exceptional experience in doing just that and has a strong enough relationship with you to know where your talent lies and how to best “box it up and sell it.”  If you have any concerns about strengthening your resume, be sure to ask specific questions so that your recruiter can help you as effectively as possible.

2.  Not preparing for the interview.

When it comes time for the interview, you want to make sure that you are ready to sell yourself with confidence and enthusiasm. But do not let your confidence get the best of you! It is very easy to go into an interview thinking you will know how to approach every question effortlessly and with grace, only to find yourself stumbling at points from a lack of preparation (Doyle: “Top 10 Job Search Mistakes”). Do not let the opportunity slip past you because of unrefined communication skills. Use your network to seek out someone who can give you the tools you need to shine on your interview. After all, not only can your network serve as a means for finding that dream job; it also will be able to point you towards resources that will make the entire process less painful and these resources can include basics like interview training.

3.  Fail to research that dream company more thoroughly.

You fell in love at first sight; you know that much. But what else can you say about the company other than that it is perfect for you and that you have the right skills? No relationship thrives off mere surface details. Research the company by delving more deeply into its mission, its points of pride, its typical starting salary, its CEO, and beyond. But do not just skim the surface. For example, make sure you fully understand why its mission is what it is and how that mission aligns with your own goals, both personal and career-centric. If you have any questions about where you can go to seek more information, do not be afraid to ask your recruiter. He or she will be delighted that you are doing your homework and may even have some additional information to spare.

4.  Perhaps most important: do not harvest a negative attitude.

Remember that how your personal self is just as important as how you present your professional self—and often, the two intertwine impeccably. In other words, make sure you are polite and confident in every exchange with your recruiter and contacts (Doyle: “Top 10 Job Search Mistakes”).  Try to avoid being overly self-deprecating; and, you definitely should keep from trash-talking past employers or companies or fellow employees. Your attitude will determine the kind of relationships you form with everyone from your recruiter to your networking groups to your future employers. So practice your warm smiles and your confident and warm body language. The more you train yourself to see the positives in every situation, the happier you will be, leading to a more rewarding and promising job search.


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