I’m A Financial Analyst and I’m Looking for a New Position. How Can a Finance & Accounting Recruiter Help Me?

FAQs About Working with a Finance and Accounting Recruiter

Previously, we reviewed the best practices of working with a recruiter in general. However, what if you’re working with a finance and accounting recruiter specifically?

What should you expect? What course of action is best? Fortunately, we have answers to these questions . . . in the form of more questions. Don’t worry, though: we also have the answers to those questions.

Q1:  Where can I find finance and accounting recruiters?

A1:  There are many recruiting firms that specialize in placing candidates in finance and accounting jobs (including Lexacount Search). To find a finance and accounting recruiter,  you can check here.  Further if you feel comfortable, you can ask your network for recommendations.  Moreover, in some instances, if you have skills and experience that are competitive in the marketplace, expect a recruiter to reach out to you.

Q2:  What should I consider in choosing a particular finance and accounting recruiter?

A2:  You should pick a finance and accounting recruiter who knows the industry well and who is well-versed in current hiring trends.  Further, you should select a recruiter who has specialized experience in your practice area.  Finally, select someone who attempts to see things from your perspective. Your recruiter should understand you as a person and as a potential employee within the industry.

Q3:  What qualities are finance and accounting recruiters looking for?

A3:  There is more to a position within the finance and accounting industry than being good with numbers and having a close eye for detail.  According to the ACCA, companies (regardless of size or stature) are looking for candidates who can communicate and work well with others.  Accountants are now working more with project teams that involve other departments. As a result, the ability to convey financial information to non-financial audiences will make you a more employable candidate in today’s market.  Thus, recruiters seek candidates who have outstanding written and oral communication skills, along with stellar accounting and finance skills.

Q4:  What do people neglect to do when working with a finance and accounting recruiter?

A4:  Some candidates do not regularly follow up with their recruiters. Find a fixed time when you can update your recruiter about your job search. Calling your recruiter once a week keeps you fresh in his or her mind, and the recruiter is more likely to consider you for available jobs.

On the other hand, it is best to not frequently call your recruiter with mundane or repeated questions and concerns. Calling recruiters too much may negatively impact the hiring decision because it could make you seem difficult.

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