Help!! I Need To Update My Cover Letter — How Do I Do It?

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Employers get as many applications over their desks as you get spam in your inbox. And like you, employers have a built-in SPAM filter when it comes to reading applications.

This means they usually spend less than a few seconds to a few minutes scanning each resume and cover letter and if they see nothing that interests them then it’s into the trash can.

Sound familiar?

The problem is that everyone applying for any job has about the same skills and experience as everyone else. After all, if they didn’t have the skills or experience they wouldn’t apply.

The key to turning your application into something an employer wants to read and making you stand out from the crowd is to talk the SAME language as an employer.

Let me show you how…

Most job applications for a position will read the same

And why shouldn’t they?

After all, you learned how to write applications at school or from a book along with MILLIONS of other people.

Consider the phrase: “I’m good with people”.

Nearly anyone applying for a job that deals with customers plasters this phrase into their application. So, if you say this in your application then the odds are very good that you will become the 134th person in a row that is “good with people”.

Not very powerful is it? Instead, why not try something like this:

“I have the skills necessary to keep your customers coming back, week after week, year after year. They’ll be telling their friends all about your business for the RIGHT reasons.”

It’s exactly the same as saying “I am good with people”, but I’ve stated it in the language of the employer.

And here’s the best part: every business owner on the planet wants their customers to come back to their business again and again and tell all their friends too. It should be that much easier to get that interview now, don’t you think?

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